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    Posted on 04 August 17 at 07:09, Edited on 11 January 22 at 00:00 by IronInvoker47
    Please use this thread to discuss the Little Nightmares walkthrough
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  • Posted on 28 September 17 at 06:17, Edited on 28 September 17 at 06:18 by Prem-aka-Prince
    This never should have been published since it's clearly not finished, but I was working on the updates to it until I found out this morning the whole walkthrough team has been nuked aside from the managers, now I can't fix it anymore not for lack of trying. So here is the work in progress change list, if there's anyone left on the walkthrough team to deal with it still. Alternatively the reader could imagine this was actually looked at before being published.

    This is not even half of one page of the changes needed, fortunately I already did three of the other pages. And for reference this a sample of the amount work that goes into one of the good walkthroughs. And it's a port from TA so has had at least one proofing pass already.

    Story Walkthrough page
    Literally the second sentence: "Equip your lighter, and Sprint with to the far side." inserted square button icon cn_S. buttonfix1
    Added back 'with the circle button' cn_O for the lighter which was lost in translation. buttonfix2

    Second paragraph: Fixed italics format leaking into first letter of first word.

    Upgraded "L2" to L2 button cn_L2. buttonfix3

    Moved the full stop outside of the parentheses as the prior sentence doesn't have an end.

    "...pick it up with R2, hold R2 and press A to throw (and break) them" upgraded two uses of R2 to cn_R2 b4
    Swapped xbox's A button to PS4's cn_X button. b5

    Third paragraph: Upgraded L2 to cn_L2 b6

    "...just on the bed repeatedly to unlock:" just -> jump

    [Highly Sprung trophy]
    1st paragraph after 1st trophy: Upgraded R2 to cn_R2 b7

    3rd paragraph after 1st trophy L2 cn_L2 b8

    6th para LS -> cn_LS b9

    "spring and jump" -> sprint and jump

    7th para Square -> cn_S b10

    8th "You easily be able" -> "You''ll easily be able"

    9th "Once you reach the top box you should be able to jump on onto a wooden floor..." jump off onto

    "Before we do so stay on the boxes" ...do so, stay on...

    "climb down to the where we first began." to where

    11th paragraph after 1st trophy "Once we’ve dropped down, a story even will occur." event

    12th R2 cn_R2 b11

    13th "as its quite easy" it's

    14th "In said room, you’ll see another electrified grate some filing cabinets and a switch." electrified grate, some filing cabinets[,] and a switch. [oxford comma optional]

    15th 2 uses of R2 to cn_R2
    [The Prison trophy and end of Chapter 1]

    Misc fixes (these were all highlighted at the bottom of my last message for you to action)
    Collectable consistency sweep on pages 1 and 4
    Added the missing buttons within the text on page 2
    Erased the half sentence explaining the "two videos" as you never added yours
    Stripped the antonym pair as it was left with no meaning
    I'm sure I had a signature before...
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