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TT Podcast Episode 47 - VR the Future

  • Posted on 31 July 17 at 09:49Permalink
    Team Rocket League blasting off again!

    Please click here to read the story: TT Podcast Episode 47 - VR the Future
    Poll: What long dormant Sony created/published franchise would you like to see remastered?
  • 0% - Ape Escape
  • 28.6% - Destruction Derby
  • 0% - Heavenly Sword
  • 28.6% - Legend of Legaia
  • 14.3% - Spyro
  • 28.6% - Other

  • We had 7 responses to the poll.
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  • Posted on 31 July 17 at 16:29Permalink
    Hey, someone else voted for Legend of Legaia! Whooo! I was sitting and thinking to myself that nobody would have played that.

  • plinkitplinkit257,916
    Posted on 02 August 17 at 01:09, Edited on 02 August 17 at 01:11 by plinkitPermalink
    Many thanks guys another interesting and entertaining podcast.
    Couple of points I would make is.
    1. Regarding the movement within VR, check out The Assembly VR, you have the choice to teleport or walk in FP, and turn speeds are also changeable. So Star Trek decks are easily attainable.
    2. I voted Destruction Derby in the poll but remembered I have seen it in the PS store somewhere either on ps4 or vita, will check that out.
    3. Back to VR, I really don't see it as a peripheral, it is a complete new gaming experience. If you have the funds to get one, please do it. I suffer motion sickness with a few of the games, but games like Time Machine, Wayward Sky and Dying Reborn just to name a few I have no problem, and you do tend to get used to it. It also seems to be an amazing platform for the 'point and click' genre and I would guess that the Indie devs will be on it (if not they should be).
  • Posted on 03 August 17 at 14:42Permalink
    Daaaaamn Plinkit, what did you say!?
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