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SUPERHOT VR Trophies are no laughing matter.

Posted on 28 July 17 at 23:53
Superhot VR is worth the buy if you are after some incredible fun and maybe a work out. However if you are keen on getting that platinum trophy be prepared to be in the VR Headset for a long long time.

Some trophies require you to play the game without dying or killing every enemy by only throwing things or punching enemies. The throwing mechanics in any PSVR game is actually quite hard IMO.
Posted on 12 August 17 at 20:58
To anyone who is going for the platinum, it just takes persistence and a little luck. I recently got the platinum for this game, and GroundRex is right, these trophies are very difficult. Just keep trying and don't give up; the platinum will be yours in no time. Good luck to you all! smile
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