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Activating Events

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    Posted on 28 July 17 at 21:58, Edited on 29 July 17 at 03:11 by ditehart
    I wanted to have some information up on some of these events, but wasn't ready for a full "solution".

    Territorial Events
    By the time you finish all the scenarios and genesis mode, you should have all of these.
    Taming the Chaos starts when you pick a Unite the Land ambition, while A Land United is when you complete it.
    First Step starts the smaller ambitions (I believe it's for both Uniting a region and destroying an enemy clan. A Dream Realized happens when the ambition is completed.
    Expanding Lands and A Mighty Force are for reaching a certain number of lands (would assume Expanding Lands is 5 or 10, while I know A Mighty Force is 20).
    First Encounter is for the first battle you start, and Final Battle is the last battle needed (for Uniting the Land, I believe. I can't remember if it appears for the last battle needed for a smaller ambition).

    Historical Events

    The Three Arrows: As mentioned in a comment on the linked thread, those characters don't have to be the Daimyo for it to start. I've had it happen with Magoichi Saika as my Strategist. It also may just be random whether or not is broken or unbroken as I'm pretty sure I've had a CAW break the arrows before.

    Keiji's Cold Bath (Deceived): Have Keiji Maeda AND Toshiie Maeda in your clan. Apparently Toshiie always falls for it.
    I've even had it where I got Keiji's Cold Bath (Avoided) one winter, then (Decieved) the next winter.

    Howling at the Moon: Not sure about the exact pre-requisites, but here's what happened for me:
    In the Battle of Sekigahara scenario, I was playing as the Ishida clan. Once I beat the Ieyasu clan, I continued on to unite the land.
    I remember capturing Yoshitsugu Otani, although I don't remember him being the Daimyo at the time, so I'm thinking he was under Motochika Chosokabe (he was taking over a lot).
    When I tried to employ Yoshitsugu, he declined, and I just released him. Later, I ended up employing Motochika (one of my retainers did it, so I can't remember if it was Invite or Employ). Eventually, I employed Yoshitsugu (through Invite, so it was random).
    Right after that, the Howling at the Moon cutscene showed up, where he asks the moon for help "deliver[ing] our enemies' head to my former ruler".

    It's possible it could be that you have to have the ruler employed before officer. Or, maybe a former commander. I believe he was the commander during one of my invasions of one of Motochika's more distant territories.

    Proud Owners: I believe one of the thread's comments may have also mentioned it, but it will show up between spouses, friends, or sworn allies.

    Four Proud Warriors: Should come up in the first Autumn if you choose the Shimazu clan during Battle of Nagashino

    Battle Events

    Human Relation Events

    Most of these will be gotten naturally, as the majority of them are for starting/completing relationships, all of which have trophies themselves.
    Friends (A Budding Friendship, Firm Friends)
    Spouses (Confession, Wedding Day)
    Sworn Allies (Deepening Bonds Oath)
    Rivals (Respect, Worthy Rivals)
    Nemesis (A Valued Enemy, The Highest Regard)
    Master/Protege (Proving Oneself, Master and Protege)
    Retainer (Great Expectations, Devotions)
    The Four Guardians (self-named cutscene)

    The last five ("Common Interests") occur in the special rooms of Tier 4 castles every Spring. After you pick the Magistrates for the year, if you put two magistrates in the special room, they should have the cutscene.
    Academia (Study)
    Marital Arts (Dojo)
    Tea Ceremony (Tea Room)
    Strategy (Strategy Room)
    Foreign Culture (Western Room)

    Just the Conquest Mode opening, and the Credits to view.
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