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Any way to find a list of Q trophies?

Posted on 15 July 17 at 02:42
I'm at a loss - I've earned trophies A-P but the only trophy I have which starts with Q is "Queen of the Arena" for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and there is no way in hell I am going to get that in two weeks since it takes a lot of work.

Is there a way I can find a list of games with trophies that start with Q?
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Posted on 16 July 17 at 02:20, Edited on 16 July 17 at 02:25 by Tiawyn
go here then click TROPHY to sort the trophies alphabetical. Q starts at page 433.
I used that to look at X trophies.

I just looked at your profile and see you found a Q already and are now on X.
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