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Milestones for individual trophy types

Posted on 11 July 17 at 04:30
I was looking today as I got back to my PS4, that I'm about to hit my 1000th bronze trophy. Unfortunately, our milestones only track total trophies, and I'd like to see milestones for each trophy as well. At a minimum, platinums, but preferably all four.
Posted on 12 July 17 at 19:25, Edited on 12 July 17 at 19:26 by Prem-aka-Prince
A fair request, I just worry that when setting milestones for quantity it's difficult as different people will go at different speeds. 100 bronze might be a year for one person and a week for another, which is only a problem because the speedy person would be spamming up all of their friends' feeds if they had too many milestones.

In the meantime at least, I think you can use Goals to set them to levels which will be meaningful to you based on your speed. Everyone should set a Platinum goal at a level they think is attainable!
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Posted on 16 July 17 at 07:51
The same could be said about every milestone we use on any of the True sites though, there's always going to be people who hit milestones faster than others.

I do try to set things myself in the meantime, though it's been a while since I filled my ToDo List with every Plat in my collection and need to get that updated.
Posted on 24 January 18 at 05:20
Yes +1
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