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If I start now, how difficult would it be to get all the trophies?

Posted on 07 July 17 at 22:43
I've never played this game, I know nothing about it but I'm a longtime Final Fantasy fan and I've always wanted to give this a shot.
But I really like being able to complete trophy/achievement lists also.

If I started this game now, how likely would I be able to get every trophy if I would to specifically try to get them?
Posted on 20 July 17 at 22:09
It's a fun game, but the trophy list is almost all grinding.
One trophy requires you to beat the main scenario, which took me two weeks, but I had some friends guiding me through the instanced dungeons and fights.
The most challenging trophy requires you to clear a 5 part end-game raid. I haven't tried it, but everything I've seen says it's a hard and technical fight. Might be a little easier now if you can find some people to run it unsynced at level 70.
Pretty much everything else is easily done, or just requires doing a simple thing 1000 times.
With friends, definitely obtainable though it's going to take close to 6 months because you need 1000 levequests, but you only get 3 every 12 hours.
Solo, it's going to be harder. You'll be stuck running Bahamut at level 50 and pick up groups tend not to fare well against him.
Posted on 15 June 19 at 14:40
A couple of years late, but for the 5 game end raid trophy is a joke now if you have an unsynced level 70 party. I did it last year with a group and we had it done in about 5 mins. I was shocked. The trophy that will be the most grind will be the fates trophy. The crafting trophies can be knocked out pretty quick if you either by the required amount of crystals or level up the crafts to level 10 or so. I've knocked a crafting trophy from 1 to 1,000 in a few hours.
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