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TT Podcast Episode 43 - Goal!

  • Posted on 28 June 17 at 16:04Permalink
    What are your goals?

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    Poll: Which stat do you primarily chase on TT?
  • 42.9% - Completion %
  • 7.1% - Overall Completions
  • 21.4% - TrueTrophy Score
  • 0% - Trophy Level
  • 7.1% - Platinums
  • 0% - Overall Ratio
  • 0% - Number of Trophies
  • 21.4% - Other

  • We had 14 responses to the poll.
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  • ChefmoleChefmole166,740
    Posted on 28 June 17 at 18:27Permalink
    I track the various stats from the site leaderboards and I like to work towards whatever my worst stat is according to my position in the leaderboards.

    So at the moment TT ratio is my worst stat. My personal TT ratio took a dive during Leap Frog 2015 where I played a bunch of really easy games to stay alive in the contest.
  • Posted on 29 June 17 at 03:23Permalink
    I don't chase any stats really, I just play whatever I'm in the mood for and hope for the best
  • Posted on 29 June 17 at 07:21Permalink
    In games I love like Horizon: Zero Dawn it isn't important to get all trophies but it's a nice extra challenge to complete a game. In other games it is a nice to have, to have trophies.
    So let it be written, so let it be done.
  • Posted on 29 June 17 at 18:35Permalink
    So naturally, I run a poll about which little badge you like best, and the team goes and changes the icons on me!
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