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TT Podcast Episode 42 - Crossing Streams

  • Posted on 22 June 17 at 15:16Permalink
    Now with an awesome poll!

    Please click here to read the story: TT Podcast Episode 42 - Crossing Streams
    Poll: Do you think a lack of Cross Network play is holding gaming back?
  • 0% - Absolutely! Everything shall burn!
  • 70.0% - Maybe a bit, but not much.
  • 20.0% - Nope!
  • 10.0% - Who cares?
  • 0% - You wanna take this online!?

  • We had 10 responses to the poll.
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  • Posted on 23 June 17 at 02:12Permalink
    Upon reflecting more, I feel like it may have been a little bit overblown... but then again, I thought touch screens were an inferior technology to the basic keyboard, and look how that turned out!
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