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What did you get for Christmas this year?

Posted on 25 December 13 at 17:26
So what did everyone get for Christmas this year?

I got a couple new hoodies, some chocs and pringles.

Merry Christmas smile
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Posted on 26 December 13 at 02:21, Edited on 26 December 13 at 11:31 by munchmagic1986
Got some tobacco, sweets, usual stuff and my Man of Steel Blu Ray Steelbook (Man of Steelbook? Anyone? No-one? Ok this is my last beer)smile I was wanting to buy it all month but my missus bought it for me so I had to wait almost a month to get it, just watched it too, not as good as the cinema experience I had but still fucking awesome.

EDIT Must have been too drunk to remember last night but I got a 1 year PS Plus subscription too
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Posted on 26 December 13 at 20:41, Edited on 26 December 13 at 20:42 by RVallant
I got some boxer shorts and thats it.

I'm very popular as you can see. >_>

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Posted on 27 December 13 at 19:07
Batman shirt, some boxers and socks. Woo.

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Posted on 28 December 13 at 09:30
£25 Amazon Gift Card, Socks, Chocolate, Lynx, Money and Batman Arkham Origins.

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Posted on 22 January 14 at 00:54
I got $4,000 worth of anime
Marvel Super Heroes Pint Glasses
A bunch of PS3 & Vita games
A nice bonus from work
A couch co-op completion which was sitting for a while on my profile!
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Posted on 21 December 18 at 04:22
Got some games and hoodies.
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