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Boosting Partner

Posted on 31 May 17 at 00:47, Edited on 01 June 17 at 11:15 by brickarys
Looking for a boosting partner to do all of the online trophies:

Dethrone 5 In KoTH
Win 10 ranked matches
Win 50 player matches
Play 200 online matches

Message me if you want to work on these. I'm available most nights after 9 pm EST
Posted on 02 June 17 at 01:35
I'm also looking for help with these.
Posted on 05 August 18 at 23:47
If anyone is looking to do these still, please message me! PSN is Pharmboy91. Need basically all online trophies.
Posted on 12 December 18 at 17:09, Edited on 23 December 18 at 10:10 by Azrael-22181
Hey everyone, I was hoping to find someone to these online trophies with, my PSN is Azrael-22181
You can message me anytime, I would prefer a PSN message because I am on there more. This invitation is open ended so I will make sure to post if I have completed it or not. So feel free to hit me up months from now if need be.

Edit: I was able to get the trophies
Posted on 07 March 19 at 04:57, Edited on 20 April 19 at 06:17 by Delin_Ramsy
Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a boosting partner to get all the online trophies, so please feel free to hit me up and we can tackle them together, between the two of us, we'll have at least got 100 matches for the play 200 matches trophy as well as getting the other trophies. Cheers everyone.

Edit: Still looking for a boosting partner as of 4/20/2019
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