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Old Time Hockey Review

Posted on 18 April 17 at 23:51
Drop the gloves it's time to roll

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Posted on 19 April 17 at 02:31
I don't really like the idea of not progressing until you complete certain objectives. I tend to get frustrated easily so this will probably be an issue for me. It's probably going to have to be very cheap for me to consider buying it now. Great review though!
Hope for the best but expect the worst.
Posted on 21 April 17 at 17:18
I think they are patching out the objectives to advance.
Posted on 21 April 17 at 22:20
Introvert1976 said:
I think they are patching out the objectives to advance.
That'd be good then - I'd be more likely to buy it if that's the case.
Hope for the best but expect the worst.
Posted on 28 May 18 at 21:36
They can't remove the objectives, because most of the trophies are attached to completing them... it's a super easy plat just boring as ****. It will take around 15 hrs.

Removed Gamer
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Posted on 19 September 18 at 05:11
Rough to hear this is a long, dull game. I have it on the X1 and thought it looked fun, however this review has opened my eyes..... sadly.

Also, to rub salt in the wounds, I paid full price! redface
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