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Retail Releases: Week Of April 10th, 2017

  • Posted on 10 April 17 at 21:01
    I wouldn't mind trying Yooka-Laylee out someday.
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • MonkeyBrad91MonkeyBrad91456,970
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 00:14
    No Yooka-Laylee in Europe yet? :(
  • PipsqweekPipsqweek2,011,554
    Posted on 11 April 17 at 06:04
    MonkeyBrad91 said:
    No Yooka-Laylee in Europe yet? :(
    I got my code yesterday (as a Kickstarter backer) and played it last night (it's brilliant).
    When I checked the store (last night), there was only the Pre-Order item there.
    Just checked it now, the main game is listed now.
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