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Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

  • MarcC_29MarcC_2975,190
    Posted on 23 March 17 at 22:26
    The dawn of PlayStation's next big exclusive

    Please click here to read the story: Horizon: Zero Dawn Review
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 24 March 17 at 01:05
    Excellent review and what a great game. clap
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  • ImFunnyHowImFunnyHow38,263
    Posted on 24 March 17 at 03:27
    Another console wars crusher from Sony!
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  • brickarysbrickarys52,077
    Posted on 24 March 17 at 12:08
    Excellent review, couldn't agree more. This game is amazing.
  • DX_VDX_V166,220
    Posted on 24 March 17 at 12:09
    It was a fantastic game, but there were a few rough edges to it. The conversations, as stated in the review, were at times hilariously bad. The wonky animations really took you out of the experience. I felt that you also hit max level far too quickly, and it removed a lot of incentive to hunt/fight enemies once you did. The RPG elements to the game were also pretty bland, seeing as how you eventually get all of the skills. I would've liked to see a more in-depth skill system, something that allowed you to build around a playstyle and didn't just give you everything.

    Even with those shortcomings the game was fantastic, and I look forward to whatever Guerrilla does next with the IP.
  • Posted on 24 March 17 at 20:27
    Heard nothing but awesome things about this game, will definitely be grabbing this once I get through some more of my backlog.
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  • PipsqweekPipsqweek548,731
    Posted on 24 March 17 at 20:39
    DX_V said:
    Even with those shortcomings the game was fantastic, and I look forward to whatever Guerrilla does next with the IP.
    I absolutely loved it and want to keep playing (as I still haven't maxed out all bags, etc) even after the plat.

    Looks like it's getting an expansion too (not surprisingly).
  • ArcheimArcheim13,717
    Posted on 27 March 17 at 20:17
    My PS4 is pretty much used for exclusives, (mainly an xboxer, but i keep holding out hope that Konami will make Suikoden VI, or that Working Designs will come back, and i'm addicted to the street corner crack that is the disgaea series) and Sony just had two back to back heavy hitters in Nioh, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. I agree with the reviewer. The game was just a lot of fun, combat was enjoyable (love those special tear arrows), the scenery was gorgeous. Voice Acting was pretty solid, and the story was engaging.

    I'll glady pick up meaningful DLC, and assuming they make a sequel... day one purchase for me.
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