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Game Sessions... basically, dead?

Posted on 18 March 17 at 21:57
Why is this site sooooooo Dead? Especially compared to TrueAchievements. I get that Xbox invented achivements, but such HUGE disparity (30K users vs 400K)? Is this site not promoted and TA promoted as heck?

At this moment in gaming sessions I only see ONE game - Uncharted 4. Is this correct or I'm doing something wrong?

TA's gaming sessions have, I think, HUNDREDS of people wanting to play hundreds of different games right this moment.
Posted on 18 March 17 at 23:02
In the community drop down menu you will find gaming sessions, it will only show sessions created for the games you've played, unless you uncheck the my games only option.
Posted on 20 March 17 at 04:26
True Trophies is much younger than True Achievements so this would explain why there is a bigger user base on TA. TA has been around since 2008 or 2009, where as TT first got launched mid-2013. So many PlayStation gamers were/are over on as that site has been around longer than this one.

I hope to see the site grow over the next few years but as I said, many PS gamers are currently members of PSN Profiles and don't see a reason to come over to TT, unfortunately.
Hope for the best but expect the worst.
Posted on 21 March 17 at 11:02
PSNP has had more redesigns and less surface issues, so aside from the higher existing playerbase being a positive, it's more attractive to new users. TT's gaming sessions have a far better infrastructure but without any reason to think of using them they will just continue to be neglected, snowballing how far back they get pushed in the mind.
Meanwhile more and more alternative trophy sites pop up over the years as there is no satisfying market leader to coalesce around.
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