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Deleting games on PS Card

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Posted on 25 January 14 at 16:38
Yeah thats true i mean its not cheating your lowering your on score lol makes sense really.
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Posted on 27 June 14 at 14:05
Sony should just do what Microsoft does and let you remove games with no trophies altogether.
Feel The Ether
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Posted on 24 April 15 at 02:34
With last patch on Playstation 4, people can remove games from their cards with 0%.
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Posted on 04 May 16 at 06:50, Edited on 04 May 16 at 06:51 by AnubisAsh
You can delete games without trophies, but only though using your PS4. Highlight the game you want to delete and press the Options button to bring up that particular menu. I was finally able to get rid of the PS Home list after that was closed down.
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