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Leaving Well Enough Alone

  • Posted on 14 February 17 at 22:40
    Good stories are often undone by unnecessary sequels

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  • TheYuriGTheYuriG1,878,827
    Posted on 15 February 17 at 13:57
    The last of us pt2 announcing was many things but not disappointing
  • merciful84merciful841,492,497
    Posted on 15 February 17 at 14:17, Edited on 15 February 17 at 14:18 by merciful84
    Last of Us - Agreed but only because I thought it was overrated and didn't deserve a sequel

    Mass Effect - ?! Um...you do know the new game is supposed to be a completely different story with different characters...right?

    Assassin's Creed - Thank goodness they did make sequels! The first game's story was the only redeeming factor it had imo. The redundant gameplay was enough to have made it a forgotten relic of the past that not even the Templars would have wanted to dig up! However, I will agree that some entries in the series were unneeded...*cough*Revelations*cough*...pardon me.

    Enslaved: Journey to the West - Definitely agree on this one.
  • UlvenFenrirUlvenFenrir1,028,329
    Posted on 15 February 17 at 14:18
    the sad part is how they abandoned the story with desmond and juno after assassins creed 3. the story is all over the place now and it makes no sense why you're even in the simulated world anymore... you're just some random guy in the machine.

    the story is still the same as it's always been as in "find the eden artifacts, assassins against templars" and so on but there is no solid narrative surrounding it. i really liked the story with desmond and the present segments you played... such a shame they turned the franchise into a milk cow instead.

    i hope their decision of not putting out a new AC game every year is gonna pay off and actually get the franchise back on track again.

    black flag was decent because it tried something new but the story was still crap.

    unity was horrible.

    syndicate was a tiny bit better but still had a boring story that i honestly didn't care much about.

    the whole mystery with ac 1-3 was awesome. they lost the charm after that.
  • HeybridgeHeybridge66,762
    Posted on 15 February 17 at 17:46, Edited on 15 February 17 at 19:20 by Heybridge
    The problems of story and sequels with videogames might be closer related to the peaks and troughs of popularity with TV shows. A successful TV show can be ever expanding with a constant stream of new characters and continuing narratives. You can even see the change in narrative type of some in the past, where more speculative shows' premier seasons focus on more 'one-off' episodes, before choosing in later seasons to develop a continuing underlying narrative when successful (e.g. X-Files and Buffy).
    Sometimes these expansions can backfire, like with Lost, where it's narratives and unsolved mysteries eventually exceeded it's waning popularity. It's final season budget was drastically cut (to the point they had to try to pass off Hawai'i as Los Angeles in some scenes), and so very many questions were left unanswered.

    So many venerable videogames series, despite being series, choose to keep the narratives insular to each iteration, while holding on to similar -if evolving- gameplay.

    A comparison for the two media types might be between the Metal Gear and Mass Effect series, to either of the shows Sliders or Heroes. Changes behind the scenes had to varying effect jarring changes to the end products.
  • Harris59Harris591,077,643
    Posted on 15 February 17 at 18:20
    I always wanted TLOU to be stand-alone so the Part II reveal gave me mixed feelings. However, I have faith in Naughty Dog and can pretty much assure its quality before it even comes out. Still would have rather it been a single experience without a follow up though.
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  • Posted on 15 February 17 at 18:23
    That point about Assassin's Creed is why I stopped playing them. The left the ending to AC3 so wide open, like you know it had to continue in the next, just minus Desmond, but they didn't. It just fell flat on its face, with barely any reference to the older story. You get little minor hints of Juno, but that's it.

    When they get back on track with the story, then I'll play their game again. As of right now, there's no point.
  • Posted on 17 February 17 at 01:32, Edited on 17 February 17 at 05:18 by CanYouSayCookie
    At the end of the day Naughty Dog know no matter if The Last of Us Part 2 is good or bad it'll make money. Myself i didn't like the game and whenever i say that it's like i've just said the most offensive thing ever people jump too that games defence so hard, If you like it fine i'm not saying it's a bad game just wasn't for me

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West isn't that based on Journey of the West so guest it could only have a sequel if it didn't tell the whole story (I didn't play watched a friend play though alot of it)
  • boldfox85boldfox85526,338
    Posted on 10 March 17 at 11:03
    Agreed with Assassin's Creed. I thought the whole point was to have Desmond learn his skills through his ancestors and to use in the final battle against the templars, which never happened. It's one of the reasons why I stopped playing. They just took advantage of showing us historical eras, but without the story arc that we started with. Is it ever going to reach its natural end point?
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  • AtsumaKarinAtsumaKarin1,291,288
    Posted on 10 March 17 at 12:04, Edited on 10 March 17 at 12:05 by AtsumaKarin
    merciful84 said:
    Last of Us - Agreed but only because I thought it was overrated and didn't deserve a sequel
    MistyAndTogepi said:
    At the end of the day Naughty Dog know no matter if The Last of Us Part 2 is good or bad it'll make money. Myself i didn't like the game and whenever i say that it's like i've just said the most offensive thing ever people jump too that games defence so hard, If you like it fine i'm not saying it's a bad game just wasn't for me
    You have no idea how relieved it makes me to read this, feel like I'm an alien from another planet when I hear people gushing over it and saying it's a masterpiece, yet I just didn't see it at all. :(

    I get that people have different tastes but the vast majority of the time, even if I don't personally like a game much, I can see why others do. This is one of a handful that I just can't see, no matter how hard I try, at least to the extent that people do like it as it's far from terrible.

    Maybe I stopped playing too early and missed when it starts blowing your mind? 33% on my file, if memory serves, got side-tracked by some other game at the time and never felt inclined to go back. Only reason I'm even remotely considering it now is because of how insanely worshipped this game seems to be.

    Maybe it's just that the genre in general doesn't do it for me? I LOVED Resident Evil 4, though, so IDK.

    It's maddening lol.

    I guess my beef is more with the way popular opinion on the internet works in general, tbh, dare to speak out against it and prepare to incur the wrath of random trolls. facepalm

    Anyway, to be more on topic: in general, if a game is that great, I do think it should be kept as a standalone most of the time, Bioshock and Xenoblade Chronicles are 2 in particular that spring to mind there, at least imo.

    Having said that, I'm more than happy to see a XC2 after being disappointed by X. Whether I'll play it or not, IDK as I have no plans to get a Switch for some time yet.
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  • Posted on 11 March 17 at 20:38
    TLoU isn't so similar to Resi 4, it's a tale of two souls much like The Road or Logan. As described in the article, the core of the game is the dynamic between the two strangers, with the question of whether two hopeless wretches would compromise in the face of armageddon. Can people ever really change, and if they can, what does it take- and what do they turn in to?

    It's not a zombie game, TellTale's The Walking Dead is not a game about zombies. And just like that one, your connection with the game is defined by your connection with the characters. Sympathy, empathy, and personal experiences through which to relate. Different people have different experiences, so it's not possible for it to connect with everyone. You could choose to focus on what you still gained from it despite that.
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