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Should We Be Concerned About Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Posted on 09 January 17 at 17:51
Some signs indicate trouble in the past, and questions for the future

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Posted on 09 January 17 at 22:41
I rather enjoy the situation around Mass Effect Andromeda. Like you I am a huge fan of the series and I would have avoided every piece of information about it anyway. I wanna go in completely blind and experience the whole thing for myself.

These days when developers/publishers announce their titles it doesn't take long until almost the whole plot has been given away or leaked.

The fact that we don't know much about it just makes it more exciting. I can't wait for it.

I for myself think it was a deliberate move. Games are incredibly complex these days and quite often deadlines can't be held. I think they just wanted to hold back until they were sure they can make the release date they announce.
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Posted on 10 January 17 at 00:45
Hype can kill a game. People get psyched up with screenshots and trailers, then they get all nasty and rude when the game is released and it's nothing like they thought it would be. If any game series can prove that, it's definitely Mass Effect. So many people trash the 3rd game because they got themselves hyped up for.. I dunno.. I enjoyed it, so I can't comment on what they thought it would be. With the new game, all we know is there's 3 members of a family in space, set in the ME universe, and there's aliens and a buggy you get to drive around in. If someone gets hyped up by that little amount of info, I'm not sure how they could be disappointed with the entire game. No hype, no disappointment.
Posted on 10 January 17 at 01:17
To me Mass Effect will always be loved and this new game looks great from what we have seen. Mass Effect 1 didn't have much press as well and it was done extremely well (minus the MAKO although it was what it was) . I am excited to play this game and will be happy if it starts a new trilogy or is a single game in the mass effect universe. Bioware has hardly ever disappointed in its games like Mass Effect and KOTOR. I remain hopeful and will be playing on release day.

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Posted on 10 January 17 at 02:30
Something I love about video games is that even with trailers, betas and other such pre-release content, we never really see too much of what the game has to offer. This can be a double-edged sword in many cases, but I still prefer it to having the entire experience spoiled for me like most modern movies end up doing. From what little I've seen, Andromeda seems to be returning to what made the first two entries so great - they felt like I was the main character in this epic space adventure. Mass Effect 3 was just so lacklustre by comparison. The gameplay was solid, but the story and the world building felt almost non-existent. Hopefully Andromeda does take after the former.
Posted on 10 January 17 at 04:38, Edited on 10 January 17 at 04:44 by Spieludika
Gave up on them a long time ago... After DA2 and Mass Effect 3 EA/Bioware and I had a bad breakup. I would still wish they made good rpgs but I stopped caring. Then I saw they have a racist in their Andromeda development team so whatever happens I hope I hear about it *insert Michael Jackson eating popcorn gif* Of course I'll only ever buy their games used after ME3, but I haven't even bothered with DAI.
But hey maybe they didn't want to be caught lying about this game like they lied about what ME3 would be.
Posted on 10 January 17 at 21:25
I've mirrored this post's sentiments almost exactly, obviously we've all seen the damage insane amounts of hype have caused when a game has released so I could understand why people think showing very little may be a good thing, however when I think of a lot of other releases that showed this little footage this close to launch it's not a good trend (Destiny, No man's sky, The Order to name a few).
Cut out cinematics and I think there's about 5 mins of actual gameplay released for a game out in 10 weeks that was announced over 2 years ago, which makes me wonder what they're afraid to show us? The combat actually shown so far looks interesting and a wealth of information from now up to release could shine a more positive light, but so far almost everything has been a bad sign.
Posted on 10 January 17 at 22:52, Edited on 10 January 17 at 22:58 by Solid-Snake56
I won't buy the game. Too many issues with Bioware.
The team who works on Andromeda is the one responsible for the awful Mass Effect 3 (the ending is the least of its problems), as someone said before me one of the devs is openly racist, there's a weird hiring practice like one writer who is a former journalist/blogger from PC Gamer (she's well known for an interview where she said that GTA V was problematic because "people could be raped" which makes no sense since that kind of thing is impossible). Let's not forget the fact that Bioware never talked about the sales of DA: Inquisition, that they shut down the forums last August and also that they only started to talk about ME:A and show a glimpse of gameplay at less than 6 months before launch... all of this doesn't reassure me.
To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if ME:A is the last Bioware game before EA closes the studio.
Posted on 24 March 17 at 22:47
It appears (at least from a technical standpoint) that skepticism was well founded, always be wary of what they don't want to show you.
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