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TrueTrophies has now got 30,000 members!

Posted on 30 December 16 at 09:43
Great news I really want this to be on par with Trueachievements and see more growth.

Anyway congrats TT.
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Posted on 30 December 16 at 12:07, Edited on 30 December 16 at 19:32 by Harris59
It won't reach that stage, sign ups may have hit a nice all time high but active membership has gone down and continues to show signs of trending downwards.

Sadly with niche sites like trophy websites there's only a maximum amount you can get on your site, the real test is maintaining that userbase because once they leave they're unlikely to come back. Once you've had everyone sign up, if there's no sign of activity there likely never will be. People don't give these sites a 2nd chance, once people are gone they're gone.

There's still plenty more people who haven't been here, the site hasn't hit maximum sign ups yet so there's still hope but maintaining membership is more key for smaller Internet communities.

Sadly when sites like this begin to die there's usually no comeback, these are the final days :(.
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Posted on 13 August 18 at 16:38
TT is unlikely to ever approach the success that TA has seen because it arrived well after other trophy hunting sites such as which has over 250,000 members - lower than TA, but in the same ballpark.
Posted on 08 December 18 at 16:33
Bombarding potential users with an avalanche of ads probably doesn't help. Currently there's about a 3:1 ratio of ads vs. website content on the homepage - that's insane. You literally have to search for the website amongst the ads.

I get the need for revenue. But geez guys, it's like being constantly slapped with a wet fish while trying to find the actual content of the site. No one's going to be tempted to sign up to something like that.

PS: The site itself is brilliant. I'm 99% on TA at the moment (Pro account.) Wish there was a little more happening here. But I really think you're torpedoing yourselves with these (rather obtrusive!) ads left right and center... and top and bottom.
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