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TGN First Impression: Shantae Half-Genie Hero

  • PostmortimusPostmortimus219,323
    Posted on 27 December 16 at 10:22
    Fellow Kickstarter backer here.....this is a solid as fuck platformer. Plus WayFoward, as he said, they did the DuckTales Remaster/Remake. Trust them at their best....sidescrolling platformers.

    Now if only we could get PS versions of Mighty Switch Force.

    (personally, I like her "new" look, I just miss the blatant mischievous look in the face during crouching butt wiggles that she lacks in this one).
  • TinCannEdTinCannEd293,888
    Posted on 28 December 16 at 01:03
    Backed this when it was first announced & have been testing it the whole time, watching it develop into the gem it has become. I was a little surprised when the PS3 & 360 Versions were cancelled (Because less than 1% of the backers chose those versions), but it became a better game not having to "Dumb Down" the game for prior consoles and then they wound up releasing a Retail version.

    Gameplay is pretty fluid, but missed the tier that would of had the whole game with "Voice Acting".

    All-in-all, a decent "Old School" Platformer, with next-gen looks.

    WayFoward shows they can make a decent Game from the ground up, not just remastering old games.
  • Posted on 28 December 16 at 22:03
    I think I enjoyed Pirates Curse more but Half Genie Hero is still an amazing game.

    I just prefer walking to each area in a Metroidvania setting than the level select screen while flying Wrench. Adds more depth I feel.

    I look forward to the DLCs that will be coming to the game.
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