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"Cannot connect to the server" - Error Code: NW-2513-1

  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 13:31, Edited on 13 December 16 at 13:32 by LockAndLukePermalink
    Hey everyone.

    I bought myself a Vita yesterday and so far so good, no real issues other than this, I've been getting this message and error code whenever I try to do anything that requires the internet:

    "Could not connect to the server.
    A DNS error has occured.

    I've tried to fix this myself but all options have failed, this includes the "Disconnect WiFi connection automatically" option in network settings, some advice would be appreciated.
  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 14:08Permalink
    Hey there,
    I'm no expert, but based on what I've seen it sounds like a problem with your router/internet connection, or more specifically your vita's connection to it. If you've already tried restarting your vita and restarting your router, the next easiest thing to try would be disconnecting everything else and trying again.

    If that doesn't work try your vita's network connection settings with manual numbers rather than automatic, key figures being the (local) IP address and DNS which you can put in yourself - there are many huge free public ones such as google's.

    You shouldn't really need to do this though which is why my first suggestion was to try and help the router and the vita sort it out between themselves. But if either works then at least you know it's not a damaged system.
    p.s. since it's new, try and get a system update if you get online. Otherwise you can use the PS store as a quick and easy way to check you're online.
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  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 14:12Permalink
    Thanks for the info!
    I'm hoping it isn't my router as it was recently replaced for the faulty one that we initially had, the Xbox and other systems we use are working fine so I wouldn't have thought that it'd have been the router, hopefully anyway.
    Seems as though quite a number of other folk are having this issue, different error code but the same problems.
  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 14:15, Edited on 13 December 16 at 14:15 by Prem-aka-PrincePermalink
    In my experience with Vita/PS3 (sometimes PS4) you can often get DNS error but it's not by itself an indicator of a major problem. Usually it's just an error when the pair tries but doesn't succeed, in my case sometimes seemingly caused by the router getting confused and treating two different devices as the same connection.
    Alternatively it could be a ports and permissions issue which again the router should be able to work out by itself, even if it needs a little shake up and second try to get there.
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  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 14:19Permalink
    I suppose it isn't the biggest problem I have to deal with, my primary system is my Xbox, which I use for gaming mainly, I highly doubt I'll be using any form of multiplayer on my Vita unless it's local co-op or perhaps online co-op from time to time, it'll sort itself eventually I hope!
    Whether I use it for online gaming or not it's still an annoying issue haha, I do still talk to my friends and such on PSN.
  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 14:26Permalink
    Yes it's annoying and you shouldn't have to deal with it. And it's fairly important to get online even sporadically for patches and DLC. On the plus side there are now alternatives like the app or even web page for messages (finally) so it's not as necessary for non-gaming PSN as it once was. I did turn on mine to check if there's a temporary problem with the servers but it connected as normal (which is to say not very well by modern standards! But functional at least).
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  • SkrydgerSkrydger47,209
    Posted on 13 December 16 at 15:44Permalink
    Although this won't help solve the issue, and I'm not vita expert, but if you want to verify if it's a problem with your router, you could create a hotspot with a smartphone and connect to the internet through that. At least that would be a totally different network to test with.
  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 16:14Permalink
    I could yes, the only problem with that though is that this issue comes and goes, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, I can never tell when it is going to occur, and chances are in the 10 seconds it takes for me to create the hotspot it'll have rectified itself haha.
    Posted on 14 December 16 at 03:01Permalink
    I used to constantly have this issue. For whatever reason, my ISP's DNS severs do not work well with the vita or PS3. A solution that has worked for me was to use Google DNS. Just manually input the DNS servers during network setup and it will likely eliminate the DNS errors.
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