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The Game Awards 2016 Nominees Announced

  • Posted on 19 November 16 at 09:55
    For me you can pretty much sum it up with Uncharted 4, although it's a shame there has not been one interesting bit of DLC in the more than 6 months since launch - I don't think even the promised co-op is out yet, still. I mean the base game is still enough to be GOTY for me, but the post-launch scene and support is basically dead to me. Get out the phoenix down.
    ...though having said that, I have heard it is one of the best games so far for PS4 Pro improvements, so I guess that's something for some people?

    The only games I see here that I still want and haven't already bought and completed are Firewatch, Oxenfree, and ABZU. It's a shame to see final fantasy get completely shut out, even though there are two this season. I don't think Ratchet & Clank has any chance of winning the categories it's in either.
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  • Posted on 22 November 16 at 02:22, Edited on 22 November 16 at 02:23 by ObliviousSenpai
    Dark Souls 3 deserves a GOTY nomination as well as nominations in a few other categories including music, art and narrative. Although I did not enjoy it as much as the first Dark Souls and Bloodborne it was still a solid conclusion to the series and a true work of art.

    Lots of great titles competing for multiplayer game of the year, but my pick would have to be between Rainbow Six Siege and Titanfall 2.

    Infiltration definitely deserves the award for best E-Sports player. He's been dominating Street Fighter V, placing first in four or five major events since the game's release including EVO 2016.
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