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PlayStation 4 Pro Revealed

  • Posted on 08 September 16 at 15:35Permalink
    It's a triple-decker because there are so many more pixels!

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    Posted on 08 September 16 at 15:39Permalink
    I'm good with my launch PS4. As long as it don't break, I can wait till PS5.
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  • Posted on 08 September 16 at 16:22Permalink
    I may bite on this a few months after it stabilizes. I need to spend some of this money!
  • Posted on 08 September 16 at 17:28, Edited on 09 September 16 at 17:42 by AceSoloMcCloudPermalink
    Nice to get some hi res screenshots and get a good look at it, not as bad looking as first thought, Two USB on the front, somewhere there is the Blue-Ray slot drive, a USB and other usual connectors on the back, hopefully you can upgrade the whopping 1TB drive to something larger, got to expect the HDD install to be larger and probably take longer to install, so preferably to leave more games installed longer term.

    PlayStation VR first for me this Christmas I think, then see how it goes, how many games actually make any use of it then maybe, but only if I get 4K HDR TV first though, not much point without it I expect.

    If needing to get a replacement PS4 though, may opt for the Pro over the Slim though, need that Optical Audio port.

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  • Posted on 08 September 16 at 23:21Permalink
    I just got my standard PS4 a few months ago-No point in spending $$$ on an upgraded version for me
  • Posted on 09 September 16 at 12:35Permalink
    Unless I see some kind of huge improvement, if my PS4 broke, I think I'd just get a Slim. That's really not great... I've got a Wii U, X1, PS4, and a gaming PC (hooked to my big screen TV with a wireless controller, mouse, and keyboard). I'm spoiled. I buy almost every major new release, and I write for PS4-centric website...

    And I'm just not interested in this.
  • Posted on 09 September 16 at 18:35Permalink
    Wonder if I could put my 2tb hdd from the original ps4 into the ps4Pro? Hope so!
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  • G-licheG-liche12,751
    Posted on 10 September 16 at 21:08Permalink
    Hope there's a nice Black Friday deal on it. Still need a PS4, might as well get the Pro w/the extra floppies.
  • Posted on 14 September 16 at 09:23Permalink
    I'm more than happy with my PS4 right now so I don't really see any pointing in upgrading in a slightly improved model. If my console decided to pack it in I may consider replacing it with the Pro, but even then I'm not sure if I would.
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