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Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart Review

Posted on 21 August 16 at 12:10
Hidden objects and mahjong, a natural combination

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Posted on 21 August 16 at 13:32
I wish they release more HO games on playstation. Really love those on PC.
Posted on 21 August 16 at 18:31
I'm going to have to get this game. I love this stuff! :)
Nobody but you...
Posted on 23 August 16 at 07:31
I am gonna wait for more titles from artifex mundi to be released on ps4 and grab them together as a bundle of something.
Posted on 26 August 16 at 00:23
I don't mind the odd hidden object game so I'd maybe look to pick it up when it's on sale.
Hope for the best but expect the worst.
Posted on 13 December 16 at 06:30
Now that I'm back on the PlayStation side I'll have to pick this up at some point, Interpol was one of my very first bought and completed games when I first got my PS3.
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