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Star Trek Online's Steve Ricossa Talks Making Their PC MMO Playable on PS4

  • KBop_a_dooKBop_a_doo22,238
    Posted on 13 August 16 at 04:56
    Engage ensign!
    This should be quite exciting! clap
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  • Posted on 13 August 16 at 12:38
    Looking forward to this! Redshirt me!
  • MonkeyBrad91MonkeyBrad91457,054
    Posted on 14 August 16 at 00:18
    Damn, thought when I'd escaped the grasps of FFXIV:ARR (amazing game) that I'd be free from MMOs for a while to get through some backlog. I have a strong feeling this will pull me back in. Guess I've got another 500 hours ahead of me for an MMO platinum laugh
  • TinCannEdTinCannEd354,565
    Posted on 14 August 16 at 02:01
    SO wanting for this to succeed on the PS4. Got Phasers set to maximum & Photon Torpedoes @ the ready.......laugh
  • JudgeFish_JudgeFish_67,985
    Posted on 15 August 16 at 13:37
    I come in peace.

    Shoot to kill! Shoot to kill! Shoot to kill...
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