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Bioshock: The Collection Trailer

  • Posted on 10 August 16 at 12:55Permalink
    There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

    Please click here to read the story: Bioshock: The Collection Trailer
  • DMC_FanDMC_Fan83,768
    Posted on 10 August 16 at 13:43Permalink
    can't wait too replay BioShock 1
  • Posted on 11 August 16 at 03:58Permalink
    Rapture looks more gorgeous than ever. I'm very tempted to purchase this day one.
    Posted on 11 August 16 at 04:11Permalink
    I may give it a rent or pick it up later on when it goes cheap. The games' are still pretty fresh in my mind...
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