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New to PS4 - Game suggestions

  • TimTa1wanTimTa1wan13,552
    Posted on 09 August 16 at 05:14Permalink

    I recently got a PS4, we have been on XB1. And wanted to play some exclusives for PS4, so we got one. So far we got Uncharted 1-4, blood borne, and Last of Us.

    What other suggestions for game that have been great, but only on PS4.

    thanks in advance,

  • Posted on 09 August 16 at 11:58Permalink
    If shmups are your thing, Resogun is a blast!
  • Posted on 10 August 16 at 05:20Permalink
    The Order 1886 is well worth a play (although only if it is quite cheap as there is zero replayability). Great story though I thought!

    If you like racing games then Driveclub is another one to get. It's very cheap now too which is a bonus!

    Killzone Shadowfall has a really fun multiplayer (and that is coming from someone who hates multiplayer generally!). I don't know about the campaign yet though as I haven't played it so far.
    Also, if you enjoy FPS multiplayer then you can get Blacklight Retribution which is free to play on PS4, which is also really fun! Rough around the edges but still pretty great.

    Some other exclusives you might like to look into are LittleBigPlanet 3, Until Dawn, Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls Remastered, Infamous Second Son... I haven't played any of those so cannot say how good they are, but maybe some other people could give some feedback in regards to them.
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  • Posted on 10 August 16 at 08:20, Edited on 10 August 16 at 08:21 by Prem-aka-PrincePermalink
    Which genres are you looking for, that will help narrow it down. In addition to all the great suggestions above I can recommend Everybody's Gone to the Rapture which is a very relaxed adventure game about exploring the english countryside and discovering the locals and their complexities.

    With a completely different tone I recommend Ratchet and Clank Series and Sly Cooper Series both action-adventure-platformer game series, accessible to all ages but by no means for kids only. If you enjoy 'having a blast' (no pun intended) then you can enjoy R&C, whereas Sly Cooper is a little less explosive but nonetheless explorative.

    Finally I drop a recommendation for Series the only one of my recommendations which has a sequel on the horizon. This is an action-adventure unlike anything I've played before, not only in art style and atmosphere but also in sheer gameplay creativity. I look forward to the sequel which will be coming only to PS4 in a few months.
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  • Bakura121Bakura12138,788
    Posted on 10 August 16 at 23:53Permalink
    I was going to recommend the Uncharted series, but you already have that.

    It's not an exclusive, but if you like FPS games, Overwatch is extremely fun. You don't even need to be a great FPS player to enjoy it and do well.
  • sherri123sherri1239,540
    Posted on 30 November 18 at 06:59Permalink
    Yes, I have also played the Overwatch series it's really nice to play. I totally loved it. It is worth a play.
  • Posted on 30 November 18 at 14:37Permalink
    I have a thing for JRPGs which can be fun - I also have some VNs some of which can take a while to Platinum but can also ease you into a few fun games to boost your Trophies :D

    For me Disgaea 1 Complete, Little Dragon Cafe, and the upcoming re-release of Resonance of Fate are must buys!
  • Posted on 01 December 18 at 23:34Permalink
    Miku Hatsune Project Diva X, Miku Hatsune Project Diva Future, and Let It Die :)
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  • AnubisAshAnubisAsh27,345
    Posted on 26 August 19 at 20:28, Edited on 26 August 19 at 20:29 by AnubisAshPermalink
    Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, mainly because it's a Yoshitaka Amano creation and the music's comosed by Noboru Uemastu. Its microtranactions aren't that bad; they're around $6.00 US plus sales tax.
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