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EU Playstation Store Update: July 15th, 2016

  • PunkyliarPunkyliar79,382
  • Posted on 17 July 16 at 06:55
    Type:Rider looks interesting. Anyone bought it yet and can give me some feedback on if it's actually any good?
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • MonkeyBrad91MonkeyBrad91474,430
    Posted on 17 July 16 at 14:49
    Type:Rider does look interesting, was tempted to pick that up while it's the 10% ps plus discount thing. Think I'll wait for a sale though. Looks decent, but I just spent £50 in that european sale so I need to count my pennies. laugh
  • Posted on 19 July 16 at 22:43
    If you rearrange Flyleaf's track names from Rocksmith 2014 it sounds like a newspaper headline.

    Cassie missing again, fully alive

    What's normal for the spider is chaos for the fly
  • Posted on 20 July 16 at 06:50
    Loving the new look and layout of this. Some of the games do look interesting, just need interesting games money laugh
    Walkthrough Manager. General all round nice guy
  • modena_400modena_40092,246
    Posted on 21 July 16 at 19:38
    A couple days ago I bought Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack for the Vita at 1.99€ and Guacamelee! at 3.99€. Severed it's 14.99€. That makes a total of 20.97€. Where is the point buying the Drinkbox Vita Collection for 24.99€???
    These prices are valid until 28/07
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