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BioShock: The Collection - Remastered Trilogy Arriving In September

  • Posted on 30 June 16 at 18:50
    Worst kept secret like Marvel vs Capcom 2 coming to 360/PS3 :D did they say why the multiplayer wouldn't be added?
  • BrokenKnghtBrokenKnght131,563
    Posted on 30 June 16 at 22:13
    Not sure why they aren't adding it, but i'm certainly glad of it! It wasn't actually awful or anything like that, but probably not worth the dev time as it can't compete with Halo, and Call of Duty, and Uncharted.
  • PuchtecaPuchteca206,051
    Posted on 30 June 16 at 23:10
    So glad I held off of buying the BioShock's for my PS3. Finally a remaster that works in my favor!
    Posted on 01 July 16 at 04:42
    I wonder how the removal of multiplayer will affect the trophy list in BioShock 2. I'm definitely glad they are not including the multiplayer. That multiplayer was such a tacked on mode and I think it hurt BioShock 2's solo mode a bit.
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  • Posted on 01 July 16 at 05:31
    First the Skyrim remaster for October and now a remaster of the entire BioShock trilogy for September. All I need now is a remaster of Fallout 3.
  • ArmyVaultArmyVault266,339
    Posted on 02 July 16 at 01:22
    I liked Bioshock. Hated Bioshock 2. And have yet to finish Bioshock Infinite. This will probably be a pass for me. Too many new games I'd rather invest my time in coming later this year.
  • SpieludikaSpieludika19,278
    Posted on 02 July 16 at 13:19
    I love Bioshock 1 and 2, but I can still just turn on my 360 if I want to replay them.
    Frankly all the remasters are starting to get on my nerves as this gen seems so much less unique and original.
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