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What did you think of Sony's E3 Press Conference?

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Last post: 13 Jun at 10:09
Posted on 15 June 16 at 20:33
A_Tennis_Giraffe said:Looks like everyone is super pumped for CoD: Infinite Warfare laugh
How the "mighty" have fallen laugh

DragonessHera said:It was God of War and Spider-Man until they showed off how that kid will be with you all the time. Now it's just Spider-Man.Wooo! More Spidey votes! dance
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Last post: 12 Jun at 19:22
Posted on 16 June 16 at 13:50
I voted Crash, cause he's awesome, but I also really liked Detroit and Last Guardian. Great E3.
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Last post: 13 Jun at 10:09
Posted on 16 June 16 at 14:39
It appears the devs has made a video comp of your top answers smile
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Posted on 16 June 16 at 15:16

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Posted on 19 June 16 at 14:46
Spider-Man, such an epic feel to that trailer
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Posted on 21 June 16 at 11:47
God of War looked better than i could have hoped, really looking forward to that coming out.

Horizon: Zero dawn also looked really great, hoping that's open world. I could see myself enjoying that. Some of the game play looked really good (jumping on that mechanical beast thing)

i'll be keeping a lookout for more on Days Gone and Spiderman and of course Death Stranding.

Overall, im quite excited with the line up of games we have to look forward to!
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