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EU Playstation Store Update: June 3rd, 2016

  • PunkyliarPunkyliar104,643
  • Posted on 04 June 16 at 10:33
    Oh cool format, tons of detail and nicely presented too. That must take ages to make.
    I've had my eye on Lumo which released this week it looks really interesting, packed with references to really old games in the genre, perfect for niche fans. Plus it has a fantastic trophy list, I'm sure everyone can recognise at least one reference to something from it. And though there are only 17 critic reviews so far on meta, it has a solid 75. But at £15 with no promotional launch discount I'm not sure I can justify diving in on a genre I don't normally play... well I'll add it to my wishlist and see what happens.
    I'm sure I had a signature before...
  • Posted on 05 June 16 at 04:44
    Nothing really grabs my attention this week from the looks of the list. Probably a good thing too - I really don't need to be adding more games to my wishlist right now!
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • XonatronXonatron14,831
  • PunkyliarPunkyliar104,643
    Posted on 13 June 16 at 12:42
    Xonatron said:Why no trailer for Score Rush Extended? Here it is: (Disclaimer, this is my title.)Because it's the old trailer that we covered when we announced your game, as were the only screenshots that I could find. We don't repeat trailers multiple times in our coverage.
  • XonatronXonatron14,831
    Posted on 15 June 16 at 20:48, Edited on 15 June 16 at 20:48 by Xonatron

    Oh I see. There was a launch trailer too you could have used that was new. I would have helped you out here, had I known how to do so. No worries.
    Matthew Doucette, Xona Games
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