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Holiday Bundles from 2K Confirmed

  • LiamKenLiamKen21,403
    Posted on 11 November 13 at 16:59
    All amazing games. Unfortunately I have at least one game from each bundle so I shant be partaking. Would Highly advise getting the Essentials pack though, if only for X-com
  • Posted on 11 November 13 at 18:13
    All excellent, I might pick one up on the other console if they appear on UK shelves. I wouldn't mind an excuse to play a few again!
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  • Posted on 11 November 13 at 19:42
    Nothing here that I haven't played on 360 already that I'd go out of my way to play again. Hope these sell well, though.
  • Posted on 11 November 13 at 22:21
    I'm so happy to see Mafia 2 has trophies! Both the Bioshocks were on sale recently, I'm lovin the PSN+ stuff.
  • Posted on 12 November 13 at 05:30
    The Rogues and Outlaws collection is a good one. I'm not into Borderlands but Mafia II I thought was excellent and Spec Ops was great too (except for Fubar difficulty - that had me angry).
  • Posted on 12 November 13 at 15:01
    Mannn some of these collections I have a game all ready in ...
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