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  • Posted on 31 July 13 at 11:49Permalink
    Say hello to the other members of "US Gamers" in this thread
  • Posted on 31 July 13 at 11:51Permalink
    Hello. laugh
    TheIcemanCometh on Xbox Live
  • Posted on 13 August 13 at 17:31Permalink
    hello to the other members
  • Posted on 16 August 13 at 07:11Permalink
    hello to the other members of "US Gamers" in this thread
  • BlackballhogBlackballhog529,065
    Posted on 02 April 14 at 14:36Permalink
    Hello America! Add me if you are looking for a trophy partner.
  • Posted on 24 April 14 at 23:07Permalink
    Hiya O_o
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 07:28Permalink
    Hello America, I am Chris from Buffalo, NY.
  • Posted on 08 April 16 at 14:46Permalink
    Hey everyone! I'm not new to PlayStation, I had a 1 and 2 way back in the day. I still have a PS2. I just got my first PS3 this week and I will be getting more games very soon. I am a very active member over at TrueAchivements (the 360/One are my main consoles). Feel free to add me on here and on PSN!
    Grammar Nazi. I do it for the posts.
  • Posted on 08 December 17 at 04:19Permalink
    Hi! This thread looks like it hasn't been active in a minute, but I just joined the site and thought I'd say hello anyway! I'm nearly 22 and I've had a love for video games since age 8, but haven't had access to a PS3 or 360 until a couple years ago, so I've got quite a lot of catching up to do. But all that matters is that we enjoy ourselves, right? toast Feel free to add me here, on PSN, or on TrueAchievements (same name).
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