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  • Posted on 29 March 16 at 04:37
    Please use this thread to discuss the Last Rebellion walkthrough
  • Posted on 04 January 21 at 00:55
    so....the neptunia walkthrough forum links here for some reason but this is about neptunia not last rebellion. In the bestiary where it lists the 7 cliones.

    These all have the same appearance, only way to tell them apart is how much experience they give. There's no indication in the bestiary of which ones you could be missing since it doesn't show any stats on the monsters in the bestiary."

    you are able to see which clione is which, when you select them in the bestiary it will show a list of locations where you can find them and with a quick google someone listed the first location it shows for each clione.

    1. Challenge Cave: Ghost Mine
    2. Challenge Cave: Den by the Railroad
    3. Mega Storage 3: Monster Storage
    4. Mega Storage 6: HQ Storage
    5. Challenge Cave: Kuterogi's Cave
    6. Celestial Path: Last Dungeon
    7. Sealed Cave: Deep End

    example pic

    so, could this be added in to the walkthrough to fix this issue?
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