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How to Write a Walkthrough

  • Posted on 05 November 13 at 09:42, Edited on 07 August 20 at 18:17 by NicoleRenee00
    Writing a Walkthrough on TrueTrophies

    This thread is currently being edited to fit current walkthrough standards. Some information may be missing at this time.
    If you are interested in writing a walkthrough, please read this thread entirely. All of the information needed in order to write on TrueTrophies is listed here.

    Unlike solutions, walkthroughs are full guides that direct the player through the entire game from start to finish, collecting all trophies along the way. They are significantly longer than solutions and require much more time, effort, and detail. Therefore, any user who is interested in writing a walkthrough should be aware of the amount of time they will need to dedicate to it.

    That being said, walkthroughs help our users immensely, and we are always grateful to those who create them. We thank you ahead of time for your interest. Once again, please read the rules below before you request a walkthrough. You can use the links below to navigate the thread.

    General Rules for Writing Walkthroughs
    How to Request a Walkthrough
    Walkthrough Users and Roles
    How to Format a Walkthrough
    How to Use the Walkthrough Editor
    How to Send a Walkthrough for Publishing
    Hints and Tips for New Writers
    Examples of Exceptional Walkthroughs

    On behalf of all of TrueTrophies, thank you for your interest. We hope to see your work soon. toast
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    General Rules for Writing a Walkthrough

    - In order to write a walkthrough, the game must be on your PSN tag

    In short, you can't write a walkthrough for a game that you've never played. In order to be approved to write a walkthrough, you must unlock at least one trophy in the game (it will appear on your TT account once scanned). Users are not required to complete the game in order to write the guide, but it does make the process much easier. Playing the game on a different account/platform does not count; it must be on your PSN tag.

    - Requests to write walkthroughs can be declined or revoked at any time

    Generally speaking, if you are interested in writing a walkthrough, we will give you the chance to do so. However, there are a few circumstances that can cause a request to be declined. For example, if the user does not have the game on their PSN account, as said above. If the walkthrough is already in progress by someone else, or if the user is already working on a different walkthrough. In rare situations, if a user has proven that they are not capable of upholding TT's walkthrough standards, they can also be flat out declined as a result, though this is rarely the case. In addition to declining walkthroughs, walkthroughs can also be revoked after being assigned. The main reason a walkthrough will be revoked is due to a lack of progress or effort.

    - Walkthroughs must be written in a timely fashion

    TT does not require walkthroughs to be published within a certain time frame. Instead, we require that the writer makes consistent edits within a period of time. We ask that each user makes a substantial edit at least once a month, up until the walkthrough is finished. A "substantial" edit means more than a sentence or two, generally at least a paragraph. If a writer cannot edit their walkthrough at least once during the entire month, they will receive a warning PM from their overseer. Eventually, if no edits are made for two or three months in a row, the walkthrough will be revoked.

    That being said, we understand that there are other priorities in life. If you find yourself unable to keep up with the monthly requirements, please send a PM to your overseer or a manager. We're more than happy to make exceptions if you still want to write for the site.

    - Walkthroughs must be written in basic text first and foremost

    As said above, walkthroughs must be written entirely in text. Videos, screenshots, and other forms of media are allowed to be used as supplementary information, but the walkthrough itself cannot be made of just media. All sections must be written clearly with text, regardless of whether or not a video or screenshot was used. Other forms of media are entirely optional and are not required to be used in a walkthrough. Lastly, we ask that walkthroughs on TT be written in English. Though we would love to have additional language support for walkthroughs, it does not work with our current system.

    - Our walkthroughs are wiki-style. They can be edited by anyone

    In other words, it's possible for multiple users to share ownership of a guide. Just as a user can request to write a walkthrough, another user can request to edit/enhance that same walkthrough. Generally speaking, we will not let other users tamper with a walkthrough if it is correctly written. However, if the guide is incomplete, inaccurate, contains numerous spelling/grammatical errors, or is simply lacking information, it is fair game. Any user can improve a walkthrough, provided they follow the same rules that are listed here.

    - Though TT is a trophy-hunting site, walkthroughs must explore everything

    Creating guides for the trophies alone is not enough for a walkthrough. The walkthrough should guide the player through the entirety of the game, even sections that do not include trophies. You never know what part of a game might trip a player up, so it's important to be thorough. The only exception to this rule is if the content does not affect the completion or the trophies. For example, a game might require a player to collect a certain amount of collectibles, but they aren't required to collect every weapon in the game. The weapons would not need to be included in the walkthrough if so.

    - We do not support plagiarism of any kind. Walkthroughs must be original

    Under no circumstances can a user copy and paste information from another website or walkthrough. This is considered plagiarism and includes text, images, maps, and videos. Any walkthroughs that you write on TT must be written in your own, unique words. Even if you are the original writer to a different walkthrough, or have written the guide on your own website. Regardless of the circumstance, it will not be allowed. The only exception to this rule is porting. If you have written a walkthrough on any of the TGN sites (TrueAchievements or TrueSteamAchievements), you can port your walkthrough to TrueTrophies as well.

    - Any walkthroughs posted on TT are property of TGN. No exceptions

    Once published, you may not post your walkthrough on TrueTrophies to other websites. Not even your own. Once the walkthrough is uploaded to TT, it is considered the property of TGN (TrueGaming Network). You will still be given credit for your work, rest assured. But If another site is found using the same walkthrough that is on TT or vise versa, it will be considered plagiarism.
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    How to Request to Write a Walkthrough

    Once you have a game in mind, there are two ways in which you can request to write a walkthrough. The first is by visiting our Requesting Thread and creating a post. Just list the game that you would like to write for, and a manager will set up the walkthrough in the following days. Alternatively, you can also go to the main page of the game you wish to write for. Use the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and select the option that says "Write a Walkthrough". This will allow you to write a short application. Either option works to request a walkthrough, but don't forget the rules above. The game must be listed on your account or your request will be denied.

    Hand-outs are given by managers and are generally handled within a few days of the request. If you've requested a walkthrough through either of the above methods, but have not received an answer within 3-5 days, you can message either of the current managers to get it fixed. Lastly, please note that writers can only work on one walkthrough at a time. You are welcome to request a second walkthrough as soon as you submit your first.
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    Walkthrough Users and Roles

    Once you are approved to write a walkthrough, you will receive an automated PM from TT. This PM will have a link to your walkthrough hub and its related forums. As said above, there can be multiple writers on a single walkthrough, and each writer listed will receive this PM. That being said, not every writer will be listed under the same "role". Some roles are reserved for walkthrough staff members, while others are reserved for writers specifically. All walkthrough roles are listed below for reference:

    Manager - Walkthrough staff, responsible for accepting requests and publishing guides
    Overseer - Walkthrough staff, responsible for assisting writers and proofreading guides
    Owner - The current writer of the walkthrough, responsible for the current content listed
    Original Owner - The original writer of the guide that contributed to its current state
    Editor - A user credited with editing errors in the guide, such as spelling or grammar
    Contributor - A user credited with contributing to the guide with items such as videos and so on
    Transformer - A user credited with porting a walkthrough to another platform

    As said above, the current writer of the walkthrough will be listed as the Owner. They will always receive the automated PM before they write their guide, however, other roles (Contributor, for example) may not receive this PM. Writers will also receive a second message. This one is from their Overseer.

    In short, Overseers are responsible for "overseeing" each individual walkthrough. They are essentially gatekeepers, as it is their job to make sure walkthroughs meet TGN standards before being published. Once a writer is finished with their guide, it's the Overseer's job to proofread it. In addition to proofreading the writer's work, Overseers are also responsible for answering any questions a new user may have. Lastly, Overseers will keep track of a writer's progress throughout the writing process. If a writer does not make consistent work after a month, the Overseer will be the first to message them as a reminder.

    Once the writer has received their automated message, they are free to begin writing. Either by following the link in the PM or by accessing the "my links" tab from above, they can access the site editor.
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