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    Walkthough Structure

    Firstly, our walkthroughs are wiki style, which means that multiple users have the potential to work on one walkthrough. However, each walkthrough has an "owner" and any other subsequent people will be labelled as "editors". Upon publication of a walkthrough, the person who contributed the most to the walkthrough's success will be labelled as the owner, as determined by the managers or the staff. After initial publication the owner status still has the possibility of being changed. The point of the wiki style is to try to create a single quality walkthrough for each game instead of multiple walkthroughs that force you to click between them to find the best methods. You can check the in-progress walkthroughs link below to see which walkthroughs are already being worked on if you're more interested in being the owner or an editor accordingly. All walkthroughs must include all trophies in the main game, DLC trophies are optional.

    Secondly, we check over every walkthrough before it is published. This is to ensure a decent amount of quality and so that the walkthroughs are actually usable by our members of the site. This means a trade-off: that there is some time before a walkthrough is immediately published, but on the other hand, it guarantees they are more likely to be readable and in a usable format.


    Right now though, let's go over the format:

    Walkthroughs are meant to be efficient methods for going through a game to obtain the trophies. We are not looking for a group of solutions posted together.

    Let's start with the 'Walkthrough overview' page. This page is a summary overview. It should be relatively short and only mention the basics of what you should accomplish in each playthrough or the order the trophies should be tackled.

    Walkthrough Overview

    Here is a direct example of what the Walkthrough Overview page should look like (taken from The Beatles: Rock Band walkthrough). All should ideally be modelled similarly:

    Welcome to the walkthrough for The Beatles: Rock Band. This guide will help you attain all 51 trophies and hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way.

    You'll need one (1) full playthrough of the Story Mode. You'll also need to earn 1,000,000 points with each instrument, so once you have obtained the required amount of points with one, you can quickly change instruments and strive towards earning the total with another one. The required score can also be amounted in Quickplay mode.

    There are a combination of Offline and Online trophies, so you’ll either need to find a few friends with the game who will help you out or you’ll need to get lucky and find some people online. As of the year beginning 2012, the community has died out somewhat meaning that finding random people to play with online becomes very difficult. There are still some die-hard Beatles fans that still play the game online on a regular basis, but trying to find a full band is near-on impossible.

    As this is a Music and Rhythm game you’re going to need each type of instrument which comes shipped with The Beatles: Rock Band box set, although you can mix and match instruments from other Rock Band or Guitar Hero games. All of which will be listed in the next section of this walkthrough.
    General Hints and Tips

    This part of the walkthrough should be used as an introduction to the story page - or if the game doesn’t contain a story mode, the main game mode. It should list any hints and tips that the owner has to offer to better improve the reader’s playthrough. This page is an ideal place to list any trophiess that are regarded as missable.

    Story Walkthrough

    The 'Story walkthrough' page and any further pages will contain the actual walkthrough which will have to be a "roadmap" style listing everything in the most logical order. We want it to look like a constant flow of thoughts. We are not looking for a bunch of solutions posted together - we are looking for a way to approach the game efficiently.

    A good example of the type of walkthrough we are looking for can be found in the below link:

    Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Walkthrough Page 3 - Story walkthrough

    In the above link, a full walkthrough of the game has been written out by the owner. It also lists collectibles along the way instead of separating them onto a separate page.

    Feel free to include images and video if you want. To insert a youtube video, simply post the URL.

    Please use the trophy links in your walkthrough - do not type out the trophy name / trophy XP. To do this, simply select it in the dropbox when editing a walkthrough page - this will make more sense once you have access, or insert the URL of the trophy.

    Additional Pages

    Any trophies that aren’t deemed appropriate to be added in the “Story Walkthrough” page will require additional pages. Good examples of this is DLC-related trophies, side missions, online/multiplayer, and/or miscellaneous trophies.


    We will be assigning one of the Walkthrough Overseers to your walkthrough(s) who will be your first point of contact for when you have questions or want the walkthrough to be published. They will also proofread your walkthrough and check it for format/overall quality. They will decide if the walkthrough is ready for publishing and give their opinion to me subsequently. If you fail to hear from your assigned overseer after contacting them, please let the Walkthrough Management know.

    If you want page names changed, please contact your assigned overseer. You cannot change the names of the first two pages. You can add walkthrough pages yourself by going through your newly added walkthrough tab (once you're given access to a walkthrough) - walkthroughs. Then click the "add page" button.


    Before we can publish your walkthrough you’ll need to set the numbers we use for "estimated completion time" and "number of playthroughs required" by going through this tab. These are required for publication. The estimated completion time should be the quickest time possible to earning all of the trophies in a game. The “playthroughs required” should denote how many times the main story of a given game needs to be completed to earn all of the trophies. If the game doesn’t have a story, then state how many times the game needs to be played through its main feature. For example, if it’s a soccer game, how many matches need to be played.

    Please be aware that there is a spellcheck button when you are in edit mode. While it is by no means perfect (it doesn't know if you used the wrong form of "too" for example), it does make our lives significantly easier. It is recommended using Microsoft Word or any other word processor to check for spelling and grammar.

    We try to have a turn-around of about 10 days from when writers declare walkthroughs ready to be looked over until publication. The time is due to us needing to make sure everything is in order. Obviously there are exceptions - some walkthroughs are published before the ten days and some a bit after. Once all parties are satisfied with the condition of the walkthrough, it will be published and visible to all, and be listed on the Walkthroughs page.

    One of our most popular questions is: "Is there a time limit?" The simple answer is "no, but". The assigned walkthrough overseer will be checking in with you about once every month. If we do not see significant progress in a couple of months, you will receive a PM from us. Failure to produce any progress afterwards will cause the removal of the walkthrough, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. This is to try to allow as many users access to this site feature while also trying to ensure relevant publication.

    Intellectual Property

    Walkthroughs must follow the same rules listed for solutions:
    Solution Guidelines

    If you put it on TT, we don't want it reproduced on other sites.

    1) Feel free to use any videos you find on youtube. Just insert the youtube link and it should work.

    Video credit is strongly encouraged, but not enforced.

    2) Item lists are hard to differentiate in product. If someone has done the work for you in a relatively menial task, you can use it, but we'd prefer if you got permissions. Large lists, such as a list of all items in a game and their locations must have permissions. Almost always, we'd prefer permissions, and an attempt made to differentiate our product from theirs. Of course, originality is always best if possible. We will need the message forwarded to us.

    3) If you want to borrow an image or a video that isn't from youtube directly from a site, you must get permission from the user. If they deny your request, you're out of luck. If they require that you credit them, make sure to do that. You need credit from BOTH the website that is hosting it and the original creator (if they are different). If it is hosted on more than one site, you only need permission from the creator. We will need the message forwarded to us.

    4) We would prefer no external links to other sites, after all, what’s the point of us hosting these walkthroughs if you’re just linking to another walkthrough? Exceptions are granted on exceptional cases.

    5) You can't copy trophy solution texts even if you get permission; write your own words. This is the one thing that must be individualistic to our site. As previously mentioned, lists are free of this rule. Do not link to TT or TA solutions.

    If you can't get permissions, we can't use it on the site.

    And may I remind you that if you can make it your original work, please do! Originality is always best!

    If you want to still volunteer to write a walkthrough, please post in this thread:
    Volunteer to write a walkthrough or PM one of the managers.

    If you want to know what walkthroughs are already published or being worked on by someone, please check this:


    If you host another site and care to use a walkthrough, you're allowed to post a link to our site's walkthrough, but you are not allowed to copy and paste it.

    Walkthrough Limitations

    You are only allowed to be the owner of one (1) walkthrough at any given time. You may also be an Editor on up to two (2) walkthroughs at a time. By limiting the number to one, this should provide more frequently published walkthroughs with greater quality and detail, and makes each walkthrough easier to manage in regards to progress and status.

    You may still reserve walkthroughs for the future, but if a member without an in-progress walkthrough volunteers, then they will gain ownership of the walkthrough.

    And lastly, it's important to note that there is a reason that our walkthroughs are of a high quality; because of how much work we put into making them so. If the walkthrough that is created is not up to our standards, we will work with you to improve it. If it isn't up to my standards, I will not publish it. This is not meant to be a way to deter those interested, just meant to be fully informative so you know exactly where I stand. Keep in mind this scenario almost never happens. That said, we haven't played many of the games out there, so we can't verify every bit of information - that's why our walkthroughs are wiki style - so that they can constantly be improved!

    Thanks for your interest in improving TrueTrophies, it's seriously appreciated by the site as a whole!

    - TT Walkthrough Management
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