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NA PS Store Discounts: February 16th, 2016

  • PunkyliarPunkyliar78,613
  • ArmyVaultArmyVault265,944
    Posted on 18 February 16 at 02:43
    Another meh week. But that's quite alright. I've been too grumpy to play games as of late anyways.
  • MonkeyBrad91MonkeyBrad91473,081
    Posted on 18 February 16 at 07:36
    Oooh that GTA deal is tempting. £12 for the trilogy... I think I might do it! I've got quite a few games to play already, but I've been wanting them since they brought them to ps4!
  • Blk_PhoenixBlk_Phoenix146,477
    Posted on 19 February 16 at 20:04
    A Rockstar sale week and some ppl say meh week? Are you freaking kidding me? This is by far one of the best sales ever. @MonkeyBrad91 has the right idea. The GTA trilogy for so cheap is quite quite tempting as the games individual and used in store are still like 10 a piece. Ludicrous.
  • CyanaxCyanax112,974
    Posted on 20 February 16 at 18:31
    Come on! I just bought Max Payne and Red Dead when those games were bundled together a few weeks ago and now each game is bundled with its DLC but there is no sale on the DLC at all. What a joke.

    From now on I guess I'll wait until older games are on sale WITH the DLC or not buy them at all. angry
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