Rare Heartless Bitching Thread

  • LostBun66LostBun66177,794
    Posted on 03 November 13 at 01:28, Edited on 03 November 13 at 20:51 by LostBun66
    So with many of us outside of the Japan now able to finally play the final mix version many years later,What are are thoughts on the slight changes? I for one,Like most of you i would think, hate the special new enemies that only drop the new ingredients.Be sure to have encounter plus and as many lucky strikes as you can when going for the more annoying ingredients

    The worst one in my opinion, are the rare ones in Traverse Town called sniper wild.If they spot you and you do not kill them quickly, they summon more and you can not kill them the required amount of times to get the power stones so you have to leave and encounter them again. Though a good way to bait them, is to cast thunder at them one at a time if you can from a little higher ground and kill them one by one. Once you destroy 6 you get a chance to get a power stone.

    The Jet Balloon heartless are also dicks lol. You will need Areoga to take these blokes as they constantly shoot missiles at you and if they hit you, you lose money.Be sure to have treasure magnets equipped, as will since you will more than likely kill it over the water and will need to grab the Dazzling stones quickly

    The Pink Agaricus is not as annoying as the other two in my opinion. You will need at least 12 or more mp,Stopra and Ragnarok. you need to get a 40 hit combo on it to get a chance to get its rare drop. I do not have much to say on this one as once you are prepared its just a matter of getting the drops.

    The rest of the new heartless are not that bad. I see it this way since i didn't have to many problems with them. its just that some of the new ingredients you need quite a bit of even just to make one of each item for the trophy.
  • Posted on 22 November 13 at 07:09
    New heartless?

    I have been waiting until black friday to pick up the game for $20

    I can not wait to play it if this is the case ^_^
    ~<3~ Silenced Nephilim ~<3~
  • ExHaseoExHaseo718,013
    Posted on 23 November 13 at 09:49
    I really like the FM enemies. They added a level of excitement to re-exploring, and having certain conditions when fighting them to get items was also a great challenge. The gummi missions though, those are horrible and entirely too difficult.
  • Posted on 13 March 14 at 18:17
    I'm sure many people know this by now but stop spells work well with Sniperwild. I just run to the hotel if I get spotted. Jet Balloons are actually easy. Just be sure to be changing altitude while charging at them and you won't get hit at all.

    I just don't like Black Ballade because there is no skill. Even with constant pausing they go off screen or mix in with the others and I end up guessing. Just annoying.
  • x410xDragonx410xDragon505,644
    Posted on 22 June 14 at 05:57
    The Stop spell is really your only option to actually get the Power Stone, because it will summon others unless you kill it. It will spawn normally where you fight Opposite Armor, then afterward two will spawn then finally after you kill the third set, the stone should drop(s). You can actually keep farming the stone by giving Donald and Goofy Ethers and they will replenish your MP bar.
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