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Posted on 20 June 15 at 09:25
Hi all,am 46 and been a gamer for 30+ years,starting with a ZX Spectrum. Now have a PS3,PS4 and a Vita.Just love collecting those trophies. Anyone that wants to add me from here,feel free.
Posted on 17 July 15 at 22:49
Hi All, Im Dave 37 m From Dublin, Ireland, Just found this site last week, loving the stats, feel free to add me "dshamrock" Also play a game on android called "ingress" so i play everyday one way or another wave
Posted on 11 January 16 at 13:51
Hi i'm Frank from the Netherlands and I just turned 30 :).
At the moment I'm (trying to) complete Diablo III.
The only game I've completed so far is Skyrim.
Posted on 25 August 16 at 13:50
Hi I'm Bill from Michigan. I'm 40 and have been gaming since the 80's. I mostly like to play open world RPG's but have recently discovered the Souls games. I'm close to getting the platinum for Bloodborne (slogging through the chalice dungeons right now). Anyway, happy trophy hunting everyone!
Posted on 05 November 17 at 05:25
Hey everyone I'm 32 and from England. Been gaming since I can remember on Space Invaders lol. Played PS and PS2 a lot before switching to X360 and Xbox one. Bought a PS4 last November because most my friends have one. Have hardly touched the X1 since and have been building a nice PS4 library. Was an achievement hunter on Xbox, but have mostly been playing what I want and multiplayer on PS4. I do want to collect a lot of trophies though. Got my first platinum a few days ago on Destiny 2 and was very happy with it smile Haven't made any friends on this site yet, but I plan to start using this site more now. My favorite game has to be FFVII
Posted on 11 April 18 at 15:45
Greeting from Canada eh? I'm a 30 year old father of two who happens to be a gamer as well. Mostly Sony and Nintendo systems hold my interest. I did own a Xbox 360, but my interest quickly faded with Microsoft once I realized they were a one trick pony. I typically game on handhelds more often then consoles due to ease of access and not having to fight over the television. See ya around!
The King of Hyrule
Posted on 05 July 18 at 11:50
Hey, my name is Emanuele aka Manu for friends. I live in Monza, Lombardia, Italy. I'm married, I love you Babry and I have a couple of cats IsiPillo and Black Fury.

I'm crazy for statistics, [not only in the games]. I like to play Retro Games | Point & Click Adventure | RTS | MMO and Sport games.

I prefer #play4fun first, second stats, but looking always to improve.

- Big fan of:
- A.C Milan
- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
- Tampa Bay Lightning
- N.Y Knicks

That's all folks.
sayonara! wave
- The Monk BAD iT™

Social link compute
YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | PSN | Blog
I prefer #play4fun first, second stats, but looking always to improve.| Twitter: #emanuele_mauri | The Monk BAD iT™
Posted on 08 August 18 at 16:39, Edited on 08 August 18 at 16:40 by GymF1
Hi all, so I'm 30 years old, single, living in "sunny Cornwall" - I just wish it was sunny haha. New to PS4, but I mostly play racing games over on the Xbox One.

I currently own GTA V on this platform and trying to get the "Masterminds" trophy and "Elitist" as well for the Doomsday stuff. If you need it too message me. Currently have a session up but no one seems interested cry
Posted on 18 October 18 at 22:10, Edited on 18 October 18 at 22:16 by DadmondMiles
31yo in Texas, love stealth/action/adventure such as AssCreed/Bloodborne/Dishonored/WatchDogs. Also enjoy puzzles and simulators. Have been gaming since PS1 days with my first fave title Final Fantasy IX. Went on to get a PS2 when Katamari Damacy came out, shared an Xbox with my brother for a while, got an Xbox 360 for Halo 3, then PS4 for inFamous Second Son. Still have a sizeable backlog on 360 and Steam. (My laptop currently doesn't have the specs to run most of my Steam library, so I'm mostly console for now.)

Contact me on PSN if you'd like a Moira/Ana/Torb for Overwatch :) Although sometimes my wifi is shit and I can't stay connected :(
Posted on 07 February 19 at 23:56
Hey everyone. My PS name is ColossalAvenger, but people call me Justin in real life. 32 year old gamer just two months shy of 33 from the southeastern US here. Been gaming ever since getting a Gameboy and NES when I was five years old.
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