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  • Posted on 12 December 15 at 06:34
    Please use this thread to discuss the Final Fantasy VII walkthrough
  • Posted on 12 December 15 at 09:21
    Hi everyone, I'm Koldsned and I'll be starting work on the walkthrough for FFVII for PS4.

    The aim is to give a clear walkthrough to the game to get all of the trophies but also provide a clear list of missables for those who want to go through the game by themselves but want to make sure they don't skip on a trophy.

    Current aim is to have a first draft of the guide done by the end of the month which I will then use to do another playthrough on a side account to make sure all information is correct and trophies pop when they should and hope to get the finalised walkthrough out in the new year.

    Any questions about the walkthrough let me know here and I'll answer them!
  • Posted on 12 December 15 at 14:31
    Sounds outstanding my good man. I appreciate your commitment to error checking.
    I've decided not to buy it in the launch discount (It's now £12.99 instead of £8.99) but it's very likely I will be tempted to buy it one day in another sale so I look forward to using your guide.

    One thing that does come to mind, personally, is that if there are large gaps between trophies it would be a big help to give some indication of the gap - for example some 2 hours of story before you get to the next trophy, so you can relax a bit and just play, looking out for this key indicator after a couple hours.
    Best of luck.
    =Semper Fi=
  • Posted on 12 December 15 at 17:39
    I'll be making sure to note each Trophy in guide when it comes up. I'm planning on a Missable achievement page as well so those who wish to play the game openly and in their own way can but they have a reference for what can be missed.

    Luckily, most of the trophies can easily be gotten just before you venture into the final dungeon so aside from a few arkward trophies like the Barrett date most of the list can be picked up later on in the game and in fact, are better suited there as well.

    I do like the idea of trophy timing indicators though. Might pinch that idea!
  • Posted on 12 December 15 at 17:51
    Open world trophies that can be obtained at any time are less cause for concern, but the barret one is particularly important. I have heard mixed reports, with many suggesting that the only way to guarantee it (in current state before patches) is to perform the necessary romance options spread out through the early game, not shunning barret then exploiting the glitch which lets you raise his affection in one place.
    In other words, it limits player choice, and is potentially very missable. Well it's not quite the same thing I was talking about before, but you've reminded me. It would be interesting to know how long it takes to get this on a new purpose-built speedrun-like save. I have heard 3 hours...
    =Semper Fi=
  • Posted on 12 December 15 at 20:30
    The Barret date is really the only problematic trophy true. It is purely based on choices made in dialogue with some only appearing depending on party structure. Battles have no effect (Ie healing priority, no deaths etc). If you focus on just raising Barret's affection level it can be a bit dicey but by raising Barret's and lowering everyone elses it's not too bad.

    I'm going to see if a sub 3 hour run to Gold Saucer date scene is viable probably at least for a checklist so if someone is only missing that trophy they can blitz it. Speed runs of the game take about 4 to 4.5 hours to get to the date scene so with 3x speed, No encounters and the heal/limit cheat sub 3 hours is doable. In essence the quickest way to do this run would be under Low Level speed run strats as even the WEAPON bosses have easy ways to be beaten at low levels.
  • Posted on 12 December 15 at 22:30
    Cheers. I trust you'll do whatever investigations you feel are appropriate, and don't forget to include even basic details where appropriate, but not too dumbed down.
    Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy making it. From experience, remember to take breaks! smile
    =Semper Fi=
  • Posted on 13 December 15 at 14:23
    Just finished up my 'Bro-mance' run. With all modifiers on I got to the date scene in about 2:55. Even then I also did some side things like Lost Number and Midgar Zolom so it's is doable. I've underestimated the power of the 'Battle Boost' modifier. You are pretty much invincible if there are no OHKO attacks.
  • xblOrderxblOrder327,283
    Posted on 14 December 15 at 05:33
    I'm just finishing this game myself and was thinking of the same thing about a walkthrough, if you want any help Koldsned let us know
  • Posted on 08 September 17 at 19:43
    We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
  • Posted on 14 June 19 at 21:57
    We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
  • Posted on 14 June 19 at 21:59
    We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
  • AqueouslyAqueously90,065
    Posted on 23 December 19 at 17:19
    Just a note to say in the Forgotten City, you have to rest in the house to the right before the translucent blue stairs appear.
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