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Developers Discuss the Future of Story in Games

  • MonkeyBrad91MonkeyBrad91457,052
    Posted on 10 December 15 at 05:40
    This was an extremely interesting watch. I loved the dude that made journey, he had a great on screen personality and presented himself well. Thanks for the article, i would never have watched this without it, and id have been missing out on an all star cast having an informative and passionate discussion.
  • Posted on 12 December 15 at 13:38, Edited on 12 December 15 at 17:23 by Prem-aka-Prince
    I remember Jenova Chen being pretty popular a few years ago, though it's been a while and nothing has come out since Journey apart from ports and bundle rereleases.
    When he was talking about learning from the fictional characters' journeys I couldn't tell if people in the room were sympathising with that or thinking of laughing at him, but I think the same way too and I never say it out loud because I feel like people will laugh at me. "It's just a game", or "It's not real", I'm sure you've all heard people say these. But the characters were made by real people based on real experiences; film and games are concentrated alternative doses of real life. We can all learn a lot from them if we are just honest with ourselves.

    I liked the little detour they went on exploring why we're less blown away by games now than the ones we started with, which perhaps also goes some way to explaining why it's harder to get adults into games than people who grew up with them, but I think Kareem Ettourney had the best conclusion to that: Curiosity is the key word. When we play games without curiosity, we're depriving ourselves of a lot of the enjoyment, so going forward I will try to remember that.
    =Semper Fi=
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