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Posted on 01 November 13 at 12:23
Write what you are currently watching, following or waiting to air.

You can also write an impression if you like.
Posted on 01 November 13 at 12:58
Currently im watching Game of Thrones, thought id finally watch from the hype. Wasn't too engaged in series 1 till the end now half way through series 2. Seems rather good
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Posted on 01 November 13 at 19:20, Edited on 01 November 13 at 19:20 by munchmagic1986
I just started watching Dexter, just got up to season 6. Really enjoying it but it isn't feeling as fresh as it did a couple of seasons ago. Still really good though.

More current stuff would be season 2 of Arrow which I am loving, really looking forward to the new character additions for the season, most notably The Flash. And I am also watching season 3 of Homeland, which after half a season hasn't had any excitement really, one episode I almost fell asleep it was that boring. Hopefully it is the last season as it is feeling tedious just to watch it now.
Posted on 01 November 13 at 23:23
I watched the 1st three seasons of The Walking Dead awhile back. The wait is going to kill me for season 4 to come out on DVD.

After that I watched the 1st two seasons of Game of Thrones. I couldn't wait to find out what happens, so I'm reading the books now. Just started the third book, A Storm of Swords.

I just finished the 1st four seasons of True Blood the other day. I quite enjoyed it, but not quite as much as the other two series.

Now I'm about to start Six Feet Under. My wife got me the 1st six seasons so I can watch them at work. Yes, that's mostly what I get to do at work. I work nights from 6PM-6AM and I'm mainly just there in case the phone rings, so it gets pretty boring. Sometimes I even bring my console to work. Nothing like getting paid to play video games!
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Posted on 02 November 13 at 10:52, Edited on 02 November 13 at 10:53 by hotsauce2888
I started watching "The Office" about two weeks ago and became addicted. I'm already on Season 7. This is has to be the funniest show I've watched in a while. I enjoy "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and laugh, but I find myself laughing out loud a lot more with "The Office". So many characters in that show crack me up, especially Dwight.
Posted on 06 November 13 at 12:17
Currently watching American Horror Story: Coven
Posted on 08 November 13 at 09:42
I was watching The Walking Dead, but find it extremely boring to be honest. It went from being a zombie survival series to a drama with some zombies in the background. sleep

Plus that kid with his fucking Sheriff's hat.. someone kill him already. -__-

Just started watching Sons of Anarchy, close to finishing the first season. It's the only TV show has caught me attention since I finished Breaking Bad. Love, love, love it.
Posted on 10 November 13 at 14:23
Netflix just added Dexter back to their service so the wife and I are re-watching all of those. We ever had HBP so we've only watched up until the point where Netflix had them a while ago, I think up until season 3 or 4.

The series is great, one of the best I've ever seen. I'd recommend it to just about anyone.

Posted on 17 November 13 at 07:45
The Walking Dead, my favorite characters being Merle, Carol, and the Governor. I really can't stand Rick, Maggie, & Lori. They're some of the most annoyingly written characters ever imo.

I also watch Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and I love Power Rangers haha.
Posted on 17 November 13 at 18:14
Just finished watching Dexter so I am now watching Heroes from start to finish for like the 4th time, so damn good
Posted on 18 November 13 at 07:49
Currently following Walking Dead, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, and American Horror Story. Trying to finish Season 3 of Hell on Wheels as well. Looking forwards to Season 2 of Banshee (highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new show). Got a long list of shows that I want to start but I'd say its topped by Hannibal, Game of Thrones and Firefly.
Posted on 19 January 14 at 22:38
I'm currently watching Call the Midwife; it's a BBC series.
Posted on 20 January 14 at 19:59, Edited on 20 January 14 at 20:03 by Leo_Ascendent
Watched Breaking Bad with my GF and, while I'm sure I'll get chewed out, it is one of the most boring shows I've ever seen, minus a few rare exceptions. Granted I'm only on season 2, but if you want to get people to keep watching, you need to give me a reason. I highly doubt I'll continue to watch it, it nearly puts me to sleep.

Someone told me I need to wait until season 5, why the hell would I waste that much time doing something I dislike, just to finally go, 'Oh, that wasn't terrible.' That's like paying $60 for a shit game and the best, most rewarding moment being the very last boss. No thanks.

The only reason I would watch, is because I love seeing Hal playing Walt, he's awesome.
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Posted on 21 January 14 at 04:56, Edited on 21 January 14 at 04:57 by
Oh boy, redface I'm not really watching anything that may be well known.

My DVR records everything, and I have it set to record:

Nova -
Archer -
Family Guy
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -
and The Walking Dead

On Netflix, I'm re-watching an old series called Beauty & the Beast (seriously).

I'm also re-watching Samurai Champloo - and Michiko & Hatchin -

Oh also when I eat I re-watch Saved by the Bell in the background (going through that series again laugh).
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Posted on 22 January 14 at 11:23
I'm watching "Person of interest" season2 and "Big Bang Theory" season6.And re-watching old episodes of NCIS, HIMYM, American dad, Scrubs, Las Vegas, and an old series Code Quantum (si,si)laugh.
Posted on 22 January 14 at 13:31
Just started watching Luther with Idris Elba, fantastic show
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Posted on 24 January 14 at 00:36
It's not really a TV series, but it was an HBO mini-series. I am currently re-watching Band of Brothers. Amazing show. I read the book by Stephen Ambrose, as well. The show is even more amazing to watch when you realize that it's all true, None of it was "sexed up" by Hollywood to "make a better movie experience."
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Posted on 24 January 14 at 22:13
Shadow_Enz said:
I'm also re-watching Samurai Champloo
Mugen is awesome, nuff said. Jin is awkwardly awesome.
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Posted on 29 July 14 at 10:14
Waiting for the new season:
Game Of Thrones
Big Bang Theory

One or more seasons behind:
True Blood (still need to watch all of season 6 and the now current season 7)
Walking Dead (need to watch all of season 4)
Sherlock (need to watch all of season 3)
Family Guy (need to watch all of season 12)

New shows, watched the first few episodes and want more:
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Dusk Till Dawn

Old shows, in the process of viewing:
Fringe (now somewhere in season 2)
Black Adder (now ending season 2)

Old shows I've once watched and still want to finish sometime:
Lost (never watched final season)
24 (awful scheduling and lack of advertising when it started again was the reason I dropped watching shows on tv and started with internet viewing. Watched first two or three seasons)
The X Files (watched many episodes sporadically, still need to watch it completely)

Shows never watched but on my to do list (list too long to remember completely but I'll list some notable titles):
Breaking Bad
Mad Men
The Soprano's
American Horror Story
Sons Of Anarchy
House Of Cards
Boardwalk Empire
Black Sails
Twin Peaks
The Following

I also would like the time to thank Netflix for bringing some of these shows to my attention.
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Posted on 29 July 14 at 20:31
I just tanked a whole load of shows so not got much to watch at the moment. I went through both seasons of Orange is the new Black in 2 days, highly recommend that show.

Just waiting on Gotham, Constantine, Arrow Season 3, Flash (Pilot was fantastic), Elementary Season 3 and Homeland Season 4 (not expecting much from this season though). All but Gotham starts in October so will have an uber packed month of awesomeness
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