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Final Fantasy VII Conversation

  • Linkx41Linkx4147,862
    Posted on 07 December 15 at 14:28Permalink
    SE can shove that episodic release right up their asses!
    The King of Hyrule
  • Posted on 07 December 15 at 15:55Permalink
    What is this GMC he talks about after 2 minutes with "Real-time and GMC are the trends these days"?
    Also this article doesn't seem to appear in the forum topics list for that FFVII page, but at the same time this game is clearly different from that one so a new listing should probably be created and added to the series.
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  • GR4V1G0R3GR4V1G0R356,623
    Posted on 07 December 15 at 16:27Permalink
    everything i've heard about this so far wreaks of money hungry cunts

    they've molested every element of the game, leaving nothing in tact, changing story to suit their crap, then saying it has to be episodic or they would have to cut large parts out

    you've made more than enough money on the back of the original game, how's about you stop giving all the money to shareholders and actually put some money into development you fucking fleecing twats

    ..oh, and when you claim you've listened to fans, which fucking fans did you listen to ? the ones who didn't play final fantasy until FF13 ???? because im pretty sure us old school fans were very vocal about you not touching the fucking battle system, what next, you tell us that the world map is no longer a thing

    .. those 2 points are why I hate new final fantasies, world map vanished in FF10, then this shite battle system that appeared in FF12, stop trying to increase your fanbase and cater to the millions of people who made you what you are.
  • Posted on 07 December 15 at 17:46, Edited on 07 December 15 at 17:47 by Prem-aka-PrincePermalink
    GR4V1G0R3've made more than enough money on the back of the original game, how's about you stop giving all the money to shareholders and actually put some money into development you fucking fleecing twatsOk, putting aside all the raging aggressivity in this post, where did you get this nonsense from? I've just looked at their financials and they have an EPS of 96 JPY but IAD of 24 (although I think there has been a share issue as the statements mention dilution, I just can't be bothered to look any deeper). Those figures calculate to only 25% going to shareholders, and even if you assumed 30 annual div payments it would only be 30%...
    ...or put simply your "stop giving all the money to shareholders" argument is a complete fabrication or wild delusion depending on how you look at it... either way you're clearly in no position to be judging the financial aspects as you haven't the slightest clue.
    GR4V1G0R3 said:... im pretty sure us old school fans were very vocal about you not touching the fucking battle system, what next, you tell us that the world map is no longer a thingThe whole point of the remake is to modernise it, and turn based battle is in your own words "old school", which shouldn't need explaining: is not modern. If you want the unchanged original just play the remaster which you can have right now.
    GR4V1G0R3 said:...then this shite battle system that appeared in FF12...What are you talking about? That was a one-time thing, and also this is clearly not that anyway.
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  • GR4V1G0R3GR4V1G0R356,623
    Posted on 07 December 15 at 18:49Permalink
    well mate, you can quote their officially posted figures all you like, they're making a lot of money, and its going somewhere, they re-released it on steam and every other platform which sold well, and was initially a shocking port which they tried to fob us off with a different soundtrack until fans demanded the original or a refund.
    it also sold millions in its initial incarnation, they sold millions of copies of almost every other FF game, now they come saying, its got to be episodic or we have to cut things out because we need many monies

    squeenix have been pulling some shady practices of late, trying to get games done through kickstarter because they don't trust that a new IP is worth their own money, yet if it passes, they will probably take it on board and claim it is their game

    as for the ATB being one time only, I wouldn't know, 12 was the last game I played, having disliked FFX's lack of world map, and that horrible blitzball game which I hated so much I couldn't 100% the game, XI was online only if I remember correctly, which is against everything final fantasy, as you cannot have a story driven MMO, then 12 with its pretty poor battle system, i made a choice to not buy any more of their games [until they re-released FF7 on steam, which i bought, and was rather annoyed at the lack of original soundtrack] with FF12 its not that i didn't play it much, i got to the hunt where it's ridiculous health bar is not supposed to regenerate, well, i did as much damage as possible with my terrible setup, ran away with 1 character left, returned later, it had full HP and i never played it since....the combat in this looked like a generic action game, not an RPG

    carry on defending them, this is what happened with EA, now we get less than half a game for full price and a season pass for the same price as the game, I tried telling people years ago, but no, I was in the wrong and these practices are perfectly acceptable according to plebs, the same people that say the games I like are a thing of the past.

    I used to be a big FPS player, then modern warfare came out and all of a sudden EVERY FPS has to be like that, no health, just jam borders, hide for 2 seconds, better, tiny MP maps, camp streaks [which along with being unbalanced, are only awarding to players who know how to hide] very poor balancing of the maps and finally campaign modes that make you play in a very specific way... they devolved into interactive cinematics, a notch above QTE's spending far too much of their budget on hiring Hollywood actors to voice the characters, because, you know, nobody will buy it if we don't know who the actors are...and when I voice an opinion, I get told I have no place playing games, among other things [and that was years ago when serious sam HD was released, and panned by reviewers that gave the same review in words to a CoD game, but CoD got 9/10, serious sam got 6/10 i pointed that out, and got nothing but abuse]

    the thing that annoys me so much is that they said they were listening to fans, no they weren't, they listened to board members, realised they could make shit loads of money, and decided to mess with everything, changing story, characters, combat

    the raging aggressivity you point out, is me feeling like shit having flu, and finding out one of the things I had been looking forward to for a few years was going to be turned into my worst nightmare of a game...also, this is the comments section of a website, the place for opinions, rage and literal diarrhoea, if you ever look here for facts then you're wasting your time

    *note, probably many errors in this post too, but its time for my next dose of things to stop my head feeling like its about to pop and i can't be bothered to read through it
  • Posted on 07 December 15 at 19:42Permalink
    1) It's probably going into salaries, and anything left is balancing the books after the substantial losses of previous years (-$100,000,000 in both 2011 and 2013)
    2) Blame people who pay for needless kickstarters
    3) It's called action-RPG, and it's proven very popular in Crisis Core and the Kingdom Hearts games
    If you want old school go buy Bravely Default, or countless others, not to mention the old games themselves- graphics aren't really their selling point anyway
    4) There have been a few Final Fantasy games and rereleases since season passes came about and none of them have had season passes of any price let alone full game price.
    5) Just going on a rant about FPS
    6) Capitalism, ho!
    7) Your opinion is welcome but you're wrong about normal people being incapable of knowing the truth. Also I don't think the vulgar language and insults are necessary. By all means swear for emphasis, but show a little forethought. Mudslinging at people who aren't even here is bizarre
    *) I don't believe in picking on typos or stipulating grammar since I write comments in freeform too, but that doesn't mean I can't reflect on the content, it's written in public.
    =Semper Fi=
  • GR4V1G0R3GR4V1G0R356,623
    Posted on 07 December 15 at 20:23Permalink
    Regarding point 2 [and partially point 5], not possible, they will drag you into a war of words, then try to get you banned for personal attacks [has happened twice before, regarding the FPS games rant point 5 was about - some of them note my tag then start spamming me on the console - which I presume is the reason I didn't get banned]

    I long since gave up any hope of the games industry being fair, it is fair to those who haven't been here since the 80's, or those who just appear to love everything. I remember games being about skill, games publishers are only bothered about user base, which means make the game contain every mechanic ever used in a successful game [over the current generation] I don't agree that new things are always an improvement, check the opinions on soul memory on dark souls 2, Fromsoft listened and its gone from DaS3

    also, take a look at what they've done to online MP in almost all games, we used to have dedicated servers, now all we have is a master connection server, that picks and chooses 1 player to be host, has issues when they disconnect, and the players will complain constantly if they are not the host, essentially, gaming is being run by people who only care for money, and attracting new fans, they don't care for old fans, knowing full well a large portion of gamers will buy the game regardless, they set up review embargos when they know their game is terrible [one time only have I known this to be to prevent story leaks on a good game]
    [*note on this point, the MP server issue was down to Microsoft wanting to control where we can connect to and blocking access to the real internet, now companies have realised they save a lot of money, so dedicated servers are a thing of the past]

    also, to be perfectly honest, I've still not calmed down since trials added my little pony because, you know, making an entire slab of DLC based on a meme from 5 years ago that has nothing to do with your game is a good idea, IF xbox 360 didn't take nigh on a week to load all of its adverts I would play the older ones [the PC versions are terrible ports, and have multiple issues, which ubisoft lied about and failed to fix as usual] the list of issues I have with the industry is phenomenal, I'm avoiding Capcom because they don't lie, they just don't know what they're talking about [unless its street fighter]

    my rages are all connected generally through people saying I need to move on, move with the times, essentially saying you need to be like everybody else - I have never been one to do that, I can't post on half of the forums because over the last few years, even well written criticism get deleted, and if you question why, you get banned

    well, that's me pretty much done with gaming, i'll play dark souls 3, and possibly the next gran turismo [I don't have a fanatec steering wheel just to look at, but its not worth it on the arcade driving games we've got so far]
  • Posted on 07 December 15 at 21:49Permalink
    1) Don't do that
    2) No I'm not going to research Dark Souls 3, you're way off point
    3) pointless rant
    4) Not sure what the trials line has to do with anything
    Why play on 360? These are pretty much all playable on PS3/Vita and/or Nintendo
    5) Why should you care what modern people want, play your PS1 for as long as you want and don't care what they do.
    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you can write "well written criticism", but this isn't it
    6) If you want to rage quit that's your loss, but if you ragequit from the old because of the new then you really have no principles and are just being dramatic
    =Semper Fi=
  • MjodrMjodr126,440
    Posted on 08 December 15 at 02:18Permalink
    Whereas I am saddened by the fact that this game will be split into parts, I'm going to be realistic with myself and understand it doesn't affect my purchase. I'm still going to play the hell out of this.
  • AshMayStreetAshMayStreet136,567
    Posted on 08 December 15 at 12:45Permalink
    the atb doesn't bother me i enjoyed it in crisis core, it makes it more action so i wont fall asleep when battling
    whats now bugging me this episode news i just want it the same as the original i guess.. but by breaking it up are they going to take chunks from the original too ?
  • PostmortimusPostmortimus201,156
    Posted on 08 December 15 at 22:10Permalink
    I'll wait for the game to come out and try it before I judge it instead of assuming what it's going to be and going on some multi-volume tirade about how the video game industry is crap.

    I'm not going to "abuse" GR4V since we are all entitled to an opinion and if he wants to waste all this time sharing it (extensively), then let him. I barely agree with him but he seems set in viewing things the way he does and no amount of constructive criticism will change that.

    What I fail to understand (and no I don't care to have it "explained" to me) is this: What do expect when you air your complaints on a public forum? People to rally to you and nobody disagreeing? You're going on a long opinion based, practically fact-free, conspiracy tiddled rant and getting upset when someone corrects some of your declarations.

    I'm with ya GR4V on the the current FF franchise trend, I don't care for it much either, but try not to let it get you so down and angry. You play games for entertainment and enjoyment, there's still plenty out there for that. Like life, the video game industry isn't fair and it never will be but you are in control of what you play. Don't like it? Move on until you find something that you do. That's it.

    On a side note, something that does irritate me a wee bit: Since when did the word 'literally' become interchangeable with the word 'figuratively'? A toilet is literally for diarrhea and figuratively for the internet. You'll just ruin your keyboard or phone if you literally put diarrhea on it. headspin
  • Posted on 09 December 15 at 15:30Permalink
    I tried to break down my reply into severable points, I think he agreed with me on the financial analysis so I guess we did make some progress right?
    I agree with you about the modern use of 'literal', but that whole line was an assault on humanity so I just chalked it up to a literal brain-fart.
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  • Posted on 24 December 15 at 08:30Permalink
    Final Fantasy VII was never "turn-based" anyway, it's always used an active battle system, where you make your move when your wait is over. If you don't hurry up, the enemy will take multiple turns, or you can take more when using Haste etc. Not a turn-based game at all, just a battle system with a menu.

    If this new FFVII plays anything like XV, I'll be happy. They can't just remake the game as is and make it look pretty, it's a complete missed opportunity to do that. Ang in all honesty, I hope there are some changes, as some of the stuff in the original would be out of place in a world that looks like that.
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