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Playstation Store Update: December 4th, 2015

  • PunkyliarPunkyliar100,655
  • Posted on 04 December 15 at 23:57
    Really, they've got a Deluxe Upgrade now? (Need for Speed)
    I was heavily considering getting Deluxe edition before release (Even though it was hideously expensive), really glad I didn't, you really don't need the cash discount (I was mad rich by the time I finished and that was with a fully pimped aventador and no discount) and the rest of the contents are pretty much junk
    =Semper Fi=
  • Posted on 05 December 15 at 01:43
    I guess I'll queue World Of Tanks, even though I really have no interest it. Never know if I'll change my mind about it down the track though!
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
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