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New Rise Of The Tomb Raider Screens

  • Posted on 12 November 15 at 00:17Permalink
    If you want to check out a review for the Xbox One version, since we gotta wait forever to get our hands on it cry , the link on TA at the top will take you to the TA Review for the game.
  • Posted on 12 November 15 at 00:47Permalink
    I wasn't overly fussed about this game but since seeing some of the Xbox videos I'm really wanting it! I may pick this up on the XBone Friday.
    You can't fix stupid if it don't broke!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 12 November 15 at 08:11Permalink
    Looks like it's going to be much more fun and Tomb Raider-y than the last game.
  • iXanoniXanon107,828
    Posted on 12 November 15 at 23:01, Edited on 12 November 15 at 23:02 by iXanonPermalink
    A bit gutted that we have to wait for this, but at least we are getting it.

    Gives me chance to play catch-up and play through the previous Tomb Raider game..

    Gotta love those backlogs laugh
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