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Posted on 02 October 15 at 00:14
As most of you are aware, Sony just released the latest update for Playstation 4 and one of it's new features was a Communities menu. You can read a bit about that and the other new stuff here. So why am I creating this post? Because there is a TrueTrophies Community on there, set up by our own Prem-aka-Prince. It is open to everyone, unfortunately there is no real way to search for a community yet. You can look to see what communities your friends are in and join from there (if you have friends in the group obviously) or get myself, Prem or one of the other members to send you an invite. Heck, maybe one day you can just look in the Most Popular section and see it!

It is worth noting, however, that this is not like Groups or the original message chat boards where someone can invite all their friends and you get a notification for each and every message that gets written. Communities does not do this, and gives you the freedom to just check in when you feel like it and not get spammed.

Hopefully we will see you all there soon toast.

Posted on 02 October 15 at 00:33
Can't believe they put this feature in and no way to search for them, bit stupid.
Posted on 02 October 15 at 01:11
It is a rather strange exclusion, hopefully they add that in soon.
Posted on 18 December 16 at 19:34, Edited on 18 December 16 at 19:40 by Zero_Fox_Policy
Any chance I could get a Community invite?

EDIT: Found it instead!
Posted on 20 December 16 at 17:10
Glad you found it and welcome toast I'd still be happy to send out invites for anyone that's looking to join, or you can join from looking at friends' communities I think.
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