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Phineas And Ferb: Day Of Doofenshmirtz Announced

  • PipsqweekPipsqweek1,575,253
    Posted on 01 October 15 at 20:59
    I loved Across the 2nd Dimension so will keep an eye on this one. Great to see the Vita getting some love.
  • Posted on 02 October 15 at 19:00
    I have just started Across the 2nd Dimension myself so I will be able to decide quickly if I will be getting this or not. I imagine the kids will make me get it regardless though.

    Fun fact - Before I got a PS3, 2nd Dimension was a game that started my change from Xbox to PS3. I just wanted to play a Phineas and Ferb game so badly. Sure it took a few years afer I switched to pick it up bu still.
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