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PS Plus Lineup For October 2015

  • Posted on 03 October 15 at 14:05
    Why are you confused? We already discussed how the lack of punctuation made me think one thing until you showed that the other thing was intended.
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  • Harris59Harris591,100,641
    Posted on 03 October 15 at 17:38
    Prem-aka-Prince said:Of course you're allowed preferences, and of course you don't have to like every game, but I still don't think you answered the question of what makes them SO different. So... it's not as fun and not as solid? That's a fair opinion, but is that reason enough to dismiss it in such stark contrast? Even your favourite game and film makers make some which are not as fun or not as solid, but you don't always ignore them and go rewatch your one favourite instead.I explained what made them 'so' different, the gameplay is less solid and doesn't have the same 'feel', it also has a design style I enjoy less, you make it sound like there's a huge contrast between 'Yes I will play this one for sure' and 'Maybe when I have nothing else to play'? I'm not saying 'Oh god this game is garbage I don't want to play it...' I am simply saying with a backlog approaching 70 games I actually want to play I don't have time to include this in my 'must play' section, the little things matter in a game, whether the design tickles my fancy does play a big part, you could take Crash Bandicoot (a game I adore) and reskin it as a man in a film noir style or something (not a fan of film noir) and I would probably be less inclined to play the game so passionately.

    Also in regards to the 'go rewatch you one favourite', that doesn't make much sense in this context because neither have been played in full by me, so it's not like either is being 're-played'. Using your film example it's like a film maker has released 2 new films, one being not as fun as the other, I have spare time at the weekend to watch one, so I watch the better one and wait for the other to come out on DVD, I'll experience the other one eventually, it's just not a priority.

    Prem-aka-Prince said:A comparable situation (and I should really avoid metaphors but I can never resist) is someone pays one price and receive two similar cuts of meat on their plate (forgive me vegetarians, but we're talking about Super Meat Boy after all). Then their reaction is "I LOVE this one, I'm going to gobble it up. But I'm going to leave the smaller one entirely because it's a bit less prime."
    I realise that time is a constraint, but just to try it doesn't seem like a big stretch. Even if you're someone who always wants to complete the trophy list it's less demanding by far.
    Okay so I've payed one price and got two similar cuts of meat, one slightly less prime, in addition to that I have a chicken salad, fish and chips, a pizza etc.

    I eat the first cut of meat... 'Mmmmm yummy, I'm full, I can't eat anymore'

    I wait until I am next hungry (so basically this represents when I next have time to play another game) 'Hmmm, I could have the same food I had last time, but less of a prime cut... or I could try the chicken salad/Fish/Pizza etc.', I am a variety gamer, so if they were identical (which they're not really, they do play differently, it has a different feel) then I would be more inclined to play a game from my 'must play' list that's different, speaking of different (off topic), I haven't played a Racing game for a while... I think I should grab one of those from my backlog sometime soon...

    Prem-aka-Prince said:If they were exactly the same... what? That has to be rhetorical. Why bother playing anything past your favourite level, or favourite entry in a series? Because you want more of the things you like, it's human nature.Yes I like variety, I am not the person who sits there playing game such as Call of Duty day after day (nothing against Call of Duty I have played a few of them), buying the new one each year and doing the same, I want more variety, you're correct, so yes, of course I would want more of the thing I like, I'm not going to get that by spending all my time seeking and playing games similar to the ones I've already played. Besides, I'm not THAT excited by SMB, it's good enough to go in my 'must play' pile but not enough to seek out similar titles, a one off experience is what I expect from it.

    Prem-aka-Prince said:Haze is a good example, and yeah, it's kind of like that. It's not that I'm the sole herald for this game, and as if it needs to be said I have nothing physical to gain nor lose from what you do and don't enjoy, but these games are given to you free together so I'm not convincing anyone to buy them, just trying to convince people who have expressed similar interests to try and find fun where they didn't realise it existed before.And keep up with that, I do sometimes feel like more people almost need to be told what to play lol, I once bugged a friend to play a game with me, the Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Free version, it was something that was certainly to his tastes (and it was FREE!) but he refused to try it because... Destiny *sigh* (He doesn't even enjoy Destiny, he only plays it to keep up with his friends levels etc.), I managed to convince him to try it by spamming him fun screenshots and showing him there's a multiplayer so we could just mess around for a few minutes while he waits for people to do a Destiny Raid with, like c'mon just try it! It's now one of his favourite games on his PS4... (he has the full game now), exactly what I knew would happen, it's the perfect game for a person like him but he never wanted to give it a chance lol...

    Prem-aka-Prince said:Maybe you are an exception (munch had already proven that he is), that's fine. I didn't say anything specific to you either so I don't know why you seem to feel singled out (there was a laugh after that warning smiley in case that wasn't obviously a joke). Either way, play it or don't play it, it won't really affect me.Sorry, but with the tone of your post in conjunction with the finger waggling emote, the laugh just looked like an attempt to ridicule and make fun of me for 'not knowing what it is', the type of emotion you're trying to get across is hard over text, even with the use of emotes... If only you had a Kappa or OpieOP emote from Twitch lol, then I wouldn't take any of it seriously at all.
    We all serve one master, one king... And his name, is gaming, forever may he reign!
  • Posted on 06 October 15 at 10:44, Edited on 06 October 15 at 10:55 by Prem-aka-Prince
    Prem-aka-Prince said:Broken Age PS4/Vita Crossbuy. Released whole on 28/29 April 2015 (5 months ago)
    Metacritic: 81 on PS4 (21 critics), 90 on Vita (4 critics).
    TT completion percentage 20% (70/360). Shared trophy list. difficulty 3/10 time 11-15hrs

    Super Meat Boy PS4/Vita Crossbuy. Launching on PS platforms with PS+.
    Price: Unreleased on PSN. Currently £10 on 360. Launched at 1200MSP, but with a 33% off sale making it 800MSP for one month.
    Metacritic: Unreleased on PSN. 90 on 360 (51 critics)
    TA completion percentage 6.75% (1,700/25,000). Unknown trophy lists. difficulty 9/10 time 20-30hrs

    Unmechanical: Extended Edition PS4/PS3 crossbuy. Extended version released on PSN 10/11 Feb 2015 (8 months ago).
    History: ...Vita version was announced at the same time in 2014 but is completely MIA. Devs said it would be based on sales for PS4/3 versions (which were probably poor) but did promise it would be cross-buy.
    Metacritic: 75 on PS4, 0 tracked reviews on PS3
    TT completion percentage 50% on PS4 (50/100), 87% on PS3 (20/23). Separate trophy lists. difficulty 1/10 with guide, 3/10 alone, time 2-5hrs

    Kickbeat PS3/Vita crossbuy (doesn't include the PS4 special edition which has extra tracks).
    History: First released on PSN 3rd September 2013, Windows Jan 2014, Special Edition September 2014 on PS4, X1, Wii U.
    Metacritic: Only two critics on PS3 (75/70), 67 on Vita (20 critics, all mixed/positive marred by one 40), 60 on PS4 (13 critics, again only one negative).
    TT completion percentage 11% on PS3 (4/36), 6% on vita (4/68), 8% on PS4 (2/28). All separate trophy lists. (PS3 & Vita identical, PS4 new list) difficulty 8/10 (guide writer) or 10/10 (voters), time 15+hrs

    Kung Fu Rabbit PS3/Vita crossbuy on NA PSN, but no mention on EU
    Metacritic: 72 on Vita (5 critics), 0 tracked reviews on PS3, 65 on both WiiU and 3DS.
    TT completion percentage 35% on both vita and PS3 (75/200 on V, 24/67 on PS3) difficulty 2/10 (guide writer) or 4/10 (voters), time 5-10hrs

    Chariot PS3 only (PS4 version not included) Launched on 30 Sep/1 Oct 2014.
    Price: £12 GBP/$15 USD (launch price maintained)
    Sale history: ...Did you know there's DLC coming out? Yeah, it's going to be out in September. What do you mean it's October now?
    Metacritic: 0 tracked reviews on PS3 because who cares about the PS3 version? PS4 version (which you're not getting) has 76 from a mere 10 critics.
    TT completion percentage that's easy, 0. Not a single person has beaten any of the four versions on TT. On TA 36 out of 45,000 people have beaten it, making it less than 0.1%. On PSNProfiles similarly 3 or 4 people out of 5,000 (90% PS4 version).
    Difficulty: hahaha do you even need to ask has it at 10/10 and 50-80hrs ( someone said 90-100hrs)
    They're all available now except Super Meat Boy which will come with the store update in a few hours.
    Therefore a few additional pieces of information:
    Broken Age and Unmechanical Extended Edition both come as a single purchase for both versions.

    Kung Fu Rabbit and Kickbeat must be purchased individually, on EU store at least.
    I didn't check if KFR is crossbuy in EU, would appreciate if someone could check that: just try buying one and see if, after you complete the transaction, the other becomes purchased too.
    Good news for Kickbeat fans, the PS4 version is also available! Not sure if temporary (as it wasn't promised) so grab it while you can.

    On the other hand I can confirm Chariot is PS3 version only, and also that the DLC is still not available (btw it's out on the xbox store since two weeks ago).

    Edit: BTW as for download sizes, on PS4 Broken Age coming reads 2.257GB, and Unmechanical Extended 1.559GB. Kung Fu Rabbit on Vita reads 115MB. No patches for any of these three (they're all ports so hopefully should be the most-fixed versions anyway).
    =Semper Fi=
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