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Where did you hear about TrueTrophies?

  • Posted on 18 July 19 at 14:00Permalink
    TrueAchievements :) happy to be here!! Love that site so I’m sure I’ll love this one as well
  • Posted on 25 August 19 at 14:40Permalink
    It's pretty obvious, but TrueAchievements. I have a PS3 but rarely play it and saw I could link a True Trophies account. Was hoping this might get me to bust the PS3 out nore. And finish off the R&C games I used to play on PS2.
  • donald047donald0471,404,257
    Posted on 26 August 19 at 15:55Permalink
    Friend of mine was/is a member and he mentioned it to me. Checked out the site and loved all the trophy tracking, news content and most of the community challenges(just trying to keep up that perfect record of completing as long as possible lol) so it's my go to site now for everything(outside of most guides as they are still a work in progress).
    Donald W Forbes
  • sunashigure1sunashigure1410,294
    Posted on 02 September 19 at 17:11Permalink
    I actually typed "playstation trophies" in the search bar and I'm glad I did. As a veteran gamer and trophy hunter/completionist, I couldn't resist and checked it out.

    What a great site. So many subforums and functions! Music to my ears.

    Kudos to the forum owners and users. Happy to be here music
    Youtube - SunaGuidesPL
  • harchibaldharchibald203,176
    Posted on 30 January 20 at 16:29Permalink
    I first heard of you from the gaming site “push square”.
  • muff-boymuff-boy53,842
    Posted on 27 February 20 at 03:13Permalink
    True Achievements, looking forward to giving my PlayStation a little more love, mostly been on Xbox this generation.
  • Mr-ttaMMr-ttaM195,787
    Posted on 12 May 20 at 02:51Permalink
    From a lovely streamer who used this website to track and run a recent trophy competition. :D
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