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TT Podcast Episode 1

  • Posted on 15 September 15 at 13:29
    Don't worry I will try to improve my own audio for the next one, I am still a newbie!
  • StuTheChiefStuTheChief6,301,671
    Posted on 15 September 15 at 13:29
    Listening to this is scary laugh

    Hopefully you guys did enjoy it though smile
  • Posted on 15 September 15 at 13:29
    StuTheChief said:Listening to this is scary laugh

    Hopefully you guys did enjoy it though smile
  • MonkeyBrad91MonkeyBrad91457,544
    Posted on 15 September 15 at 16:10, Edited on 15 September 15 at 19:04 by MonkeyBrad91
    Finally. You'll have to hire a monkey to deal with the recording etc. for you next time, Munch. laugh By which I don't mean me, I mean an actual monkey. I realised it sounded like I was fishing for a job, haha.

    Now that I've listened to it, very enjoyable, thanks guys. :) Rhino's mic is very clear, and he talks very smoothly -- ideal for podcasts! Improving the audio of Stu and Munch would be nice, but that'll happen in time when it gets popular enough to warrant you forking out for a mic, I guess. :D

    Munch, on the podcast hub thing where it says episode 1, it doesn't say your name anywhere. So when you put "rhino, stu and myself", no-one knows who you are, and therefore who to send a pm to regarding being the 4th guest. You planning on doing these things weekly, fortnightly or monthly?
  • Posted on 15 September 15 at 23:11
    Thank ya kind sir toast. Yeah the mic thing will be sorted out for the next one, was a recording thing. Hopefully I can get myself a new one soon though, probably won't be after Xmas though, but it will sound better next time for sure. The description on the Hub has been updated now, cheers.

    Monthly is the plan at the moment, but I am up for doing it fortnightly. Most likely it will depend on how much we have been playing, how many releases there are, how much news there is, how much we can be bothered etc
  • RhinoVanDamRhinoVanDam921,238
    Posted on 15 September 15 at 23:13
    Thanks monkey for the compliments!
  • Linkx41Linkx4152,021
    Posted on 16 September 15 at 01:27
    Was a good listen! Way to go guys! clap
    The King of Hyrule
  • Posted on 16 September 15 at 03:40
    Haven't had a chance to listen yet but I'll be sure to tune in when I get the chance smile
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • Posted on 18 September 15 at 13:18
    Don't mean to start off on a negative note (on the plus side it means I can become more positive) but since it was the first thing I heard that I thought I should write down:
    12:30 veni vidi vici in vvvvvv - it's pronounced waney, weedy, weeky (or veechy if you prefer modern Italian style).
    The Romans pronounced their Vs like Ws and typically their Cs like modern Ks.
    It means "I came, I saw, I conquered" and was supposedly said by Caesar. dive

    The next thing you talked about was the nature of winter release schedules... I agree that it's an old carryover (like the American Tuesday releases and stubborn UK Friday releases) but I think it still has a lot of weight for two big reasons. The first is the gift-giving Christmas culture, particularly for children as mentioned, but also from wives for their husbands and so on and so forth. The other is I suspect Black Friday period, where for reasons unknown to man, much of the USA goes shopping crazy. And you know that capitalising on crazy is the best way to make money, just look at iphone sales laugh roll

    15:30 Tesla/Telsagrad... Rhino you were right to think it's something to do with electricity, you just had the letters mixed up in your head I guess. I'm guessing you were thinking of either Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer and inventor, or the tesla, an SI unit for magnetic field strength/magnetic flux density. I haven't played Teslagrad yet (hope to soon), but it's much about electomagnetic powers, so you were definitely right.
    Trivia, Tesla Motors (maker of overpriced electric cars) capitalises on this same pop-knowledge link, although I'm pretty sure they don't ever measure anything in Teslas. sleep

    21m 64GB vita card They are hideously expensive compared to SD cards, but that's a problem for all PSV cards, so for the size you're getting in a 64 they're not that bad compared to UK alternatives in the 32 and 16s. I bought a 64 two years ago (5th Dec 2013, should have waited another month as the pound had not finished in its big regain against the yen) and I paid £65 including shipping (close enough to the £ per GB sweetspot all things considered). The same site I bought from is listing it at virtually the same price in Yen now (there are probably cheaper alternatives), but the Yen is 10-15% weaker against the pound than it was back then (still weaker than '05-'08 levels though), which means you can buy it for less than £60. All this assuming you don't get hit by import tax/customs charges, of course, but who can tell on a thing like that. compute

    23m I liked the dark sides joke! Someone had to say it headspin

    25m I agree with Stu about the weirdness of all promotion and designs being for standing up the console even though for all intents and purposes it seems much smarter to leave it lying down... I have a batman PS4 and it's 100% facing the wrong way because of the vents, but even if it was the right way around the batman would be on the side furthest away so it would be hidden by the cabinet... you can't win with these designs. Best suited for leaving unplugged in a glass cabinet with plenty of protection to prevent it falling over. Heck, why not just save yourself the trouble and leave it in the box? I'm really disappointed with Sony on this. warning

    28m Vita in west. I wrote a long, long analysis on this on another forum this morning (coincidentally). My conclusion is vita IS neglected in the west, now more than ever. I know there are lots of uses for the vita, particularly when playing PS4 games, but can you name a single game which is a reason to own a vita? Can you name one that is from the West? Can you name one that is from Sony? sleep
    I've got a couple in mind but if you think about it I think you will find there aren't nearly as many choices as there should be! The vita is not young anymore, so can't use the same excuse as with the PS4, in fact it is so old that it is not up for a resurgence: it is now abandoned. cry

    40m sic parvis magna! (literally "thus great things from small things", but translated more approachably as "greatness from small beginnings") That ring was awesome for Latin fiends like me. dive

    42m If some save files are as much as 1GB, don't you think is a major problem in itself? Even with an upgrade to 10GB you could only get a dozen or so of them, which makes it no long term solution at all. Sure it will stop your cloud from being clogged up by just one of these megasaves, and you could use it occasionally to transfer them, but for the most part you still won't have room for them so you'll still have to back them up locally instead. I don't like the idea of a 1GB upload going off automatically every night anyway, such a waste of power and bandwith for anyone that has an upload limit. shock
    I must say, given how the anti-piracy enforcement in this country is elevating to above-the-law levels, I worry that too many big PS4 downloads/uploads are going to trigger their 'oh he must be downloading movies' systems and cause my IP to send blind threats at me. dance

    44m Shout out to me! xD Wasn't expecting that shock

    PS4 beta- I think another wave of invites went out on the 11th, I know I got one then (haven't accepted it yet). Not sure when this podcast was recorded but maybe you have one now? compute

    50m bearded chun-li? shock

    56m I liked the Deadly Premonition reference-comment... after I spent about half an hour reading the plot for the game lol. it's pretty interesting for a game so heavily criticised. clap

    Can't say there was anything else I wanted to comment on (or maybe I just got bored of making notes), but thanks for the podcast it was pretty interesting. Couldn't listen while playing or watching videos so I cooked some bacon. Needless to say it went pretty wrong, gotta go clean that up now. facepalm
    I gotta agree that Rhino was the most easy to understand, even though I know the other two much better from around the site. Intersecting friend feeds I guess. Where have you been? Introduce yourself! laugh toast
    I guess it was mainly because of the clear mic but also because he was very cheerful. I've got to admit the more familiar accent probably helped. I began to get used to munch (Scottish, no idea about regional) and Stu's (is that Manchester? I know I've heard it before somewhere) accents, so that wasn't really the issue, must be the mics I guess.

    By the way, I'm resisting the bait on the PS+ game debate laugh If I have any constructive critique it would be that I thought the start where you just talk off the top of your head about random games was a bit boring, I mean I read and write that all the time on the forums, and you guys should too. Perhaps if you only picked some games you particularly wanted to highlight it would make this section shorter and more purposeful.

    I preferred the structured sections, particularly the talk about new and relevant games (not so much common speculation on upcoming games), and the talk about new site things. Hopefully Leap Frog gets a look in the next month's podcast. I liked hearing your opinions on things, when you joked with each other, and when you talked about things you were passionate about or even things you perhaps didn't know much about and were curious about.

    Perhaps you could split the show into chapter-like segments? This episode evens splits up pretty well, but no time stamps or titles are given in the post. I guess it's because it's over an hour long and the player kind of sucks so you pretty much have to listen to it in one go.
    There's no ability to jump back a few seconds with the keyboard, and with the player being so small it is hard to precisely select a time (no time on mouseover either). No subtitles for the unclear lines, and the volume is good but at times too quiet (well I have my window open and system speakers are not great so maybe it's just me).
    By the way, you were very good at not talking over each other, that's a huge advantage for these kind of online chats. clap
    =Semper Fi=
  • Posted on 19 September 15 at 02:52
    Well, someone was certainly paying attention laugh. I am not sure how we would go about splitting the show, other than just writing down what time the different segments start. I didn't even notice any of those player issues myself, but I just hit play and an inner monologue saying "omg this is weird, turn it off, this is weird" began haha. Yeah I don't wanna bore you with the details but there was a slight mic issue, causing Rhino to sound a lot more beautiful than me and Stu, but that will all be cleared up for the next one. And East Scotland, the Tayside region wink. I can't speak for the others but I have been holed up in the newsroom getting hit with a big stick by the managers while they scream "Write boy, write!" laugh.

    Glad you enjoyed it though, hopefully we can improve on the next one. We will be doing a new segment though so fingers crossed that one goes over well.
  • Posted on 19 September 15 at 08:20
    When I said divide it up I just meant generally not accurately, I guess this one was pretty much personal games, PS+ games, sony news, TT news, then closing comments.

    By the way, might be good if you tell us a bit about yourselves in the intro, if nothing else it'll help us get used to which voice is which. Fortunately your voices all have different accents but a guest might not. But maybe next time you only need the guest to introduce themselves because we've gotten to know you three already (I don't know if people often jump in on episode 2 with podcasts)

    Yeah, I know nothing about Scottish regional dialect, the only times I've been there were when I was in passing to climb Ben Nevis, twice. headspin
    =Semper Fi=
  • Posted on 21 September 15 at 01:35
    Don't know why we're talking Nintendo on a TrueTrophies Podcast.
  • TTDog666TTDog666215,856
    Posted on 30 September 15 at 23:33
    UnInfamousGhost said:Don't know why we're talking Nintendo on a TrueTrophies Podcast.Because not everyone is so narrow minded that they have to hate other consoles just because they feel some sort of bizarre brand loyalty to another one.
  • TTDog666TTDog666215,856
    Posted on 30 September 15 at 23:36
    Download link? No everyone gives two sh!ts about iTunes.
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