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PS Vita Fireman Sim Flame Over Coming To PS4

Posted on 11 September 15 at 21:33
Flame over, man. Flame over

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Posted on 12 September 15 at 19:56
I was a great lover of many arcade style fireman sims back in the day. Not that anything will compare to Burning Rangers (I'd die for a re-release.) Seeing this on Vita would make me curious, but a PS4 port means I'm far more likely to pick it up. Also kudos, my good man, for the sub-heading. laugh That is precisely what popped into my head when reading the game title.
Posted on 05 March 16 at 20:27
I have been playing Flame Over on the playstation vita ( playstation plus game march 2016 ) .
Even though i get annoyed when playing this game i keep going back to have another try and hopefully get further into the game .
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